Monday, November 3, 2008

Of all the nerve.......

I just looked out my front door a few minutes ago and was shocked to see that my McCain/Palin yard sign is GONE!!! I quickly called Jonathan and of course, he didn't move it! So, there are thieves among us and I would imagine they are Obama fans! Jonathan said he would run to the Republican headquarters at lunch. I told him to grab several and we will put them all over our yard!!! (Someone told me that they wanted to run over an Obama sign when they saw them, and I would have to agree!!!)

Don't forget to cast your votes tomorrow America!!!!!!!!!



I've been afraid of that happening. So far, so good here.

Amy Shearer

When we were in revival on Friday night (trick or treat night) someone pulled our sign apart. Darin was able to fix it though!! The nerve!!!!!


I told Paul the other day that if I had a sign in my yard, I would bring it in at night. Most of the big McCain signs here have been destroyed. So sad!!


Maybe you should have ran electric to the sign like one man did. The young would-be thief got quite a jolt before running back to his daddy - who had put him up to it in the first place. Yeah...all the nerve. Especially when you have a father teaching his son to steal.

Lady J

I'm voting bright and early tomorrow morning!

Angie Davis

Nobody stole mine, but that gigantic black cat in our neighborhood tinkled on it today! The nerve of Obamakitty...

I am SO frustrated that I can't vote tomorrow! If I hear that anybody else didn't bother, I think I'll smack 'em!