Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the busiest time of the year...

No, I didn't quit blogging, just too busy to stop, sit down and think of something profound to write! :)

Tonight we are going to the Gaither Christmas Concert at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy! I've always wanted to attend one of their Christmas concerts but they've never been nearby until now! We had a slight scare earlier today as Parker was fairly sick. He has a double ear infection but thanks to Tylenol, antibiotics and ear numbing drops, he's feeling pretty good at the moment! Uncle Donnie and Aunt Cammie are going to babysit tonight so we can have a date with my parents and Darin and Amy Shearer! We'll try to get some good pictures with Mom's new camera!

This past Wednesday night we had communion in church. Jonathan and I went up front and when we came back, Parker leaned over to me and said, "So...what did you all have?" :) He thought we had a big snack! HA!

Last night the twins were being absolutely wild and jumping up and down in Peyton's bed! Parker was sick and Jonathan was gone helping the new Pastor move into the parsonage. I went into their room and said, "You two are in big trouble!" I started to grab Paige and pull her out of the bed and Peyton immediately began to spank his own bottom end!!! (I tried so hard not to laugh!!!) He knew he had been bad!

Tomorrow night is our Sunday School class Christmas party so I'll be fixing food for that! We have lines to memorize for our Christmas program and tons of shopping left to do, all the wrapping, etc! However, it's still the most wonderful time of the year!



Have fun tonight, Karen Lynn! I know you'll have a blast. It's been a lot of years, but Garry and I did attend a Gaither Christmas concert. That was back in the OP church days...back when Mom and Dad were around. : )

Angie Davis

Soooo...did Peyton get away with just spanking himself? ;)


I haven't been to a Giather concert in a long time...
The last one I went to was at Conseco with my friend Amy.
After Anthony Burger passed away, I didn't think that a Gaither concert would be the same. Though, Goron Mote not too shabby of a pianist himself.
Hope you had a great time!

PS: I deleted my comment after I found a speeling error. Sorry of my OCDness.


Hope the concert was enjoyable for you guys.
That's funny what Parker said at communion. Bryson tried to sneak some grape juice at our last communion. He also wanted to know what we were eating. It's hard for little ones to understand, but we want Bryson to comprehend what it is all about before we let him partake.


I didn't even know about the concert but don't think I could have went anyway. Arthur been breathing down my neck hot and heavy. I just know it's going to be a long cold winter. I hope you had a wonderful time.


I've been to a lot of Gaither concerts, but never to one of their Christmas concerts. We have to go several hours to one of those. And what Parker said to you after you had taken Communion is hilarious!