Friday, November 14, 2008

Gold City comes to town...

Parker loved their bass singer and had to get his picture with him!

Our local gospel radio station, WYGS, sponsored a concert last night in our town and we got to enjoy hearing the Gold City Quartet once again! It wasn't scheduled until about a week ago, but word got out and the church was packed!

I had worked yesterday and it was an extremely busy day, thanks to a full moon, so I arrived quite late! A man walked up to me and wanted to know if I was looking for a man with three small kids! He must've looked pretty pathetic! I sat down, and Gold City was singing one of their hit songs. As soon as they were done, they said, "Have you all enjoyed Gold City tonight?" (I thought, you have GOT to be kidding!) One song and they were done?! They had an extremely loooooong intermission, and an hour later, Gold City came back out to sing a few more songs. I enjoyed them, but they had sang all of my favorites before I got there!

None of us had eaten supper, so I mentioned Steak and Shake, which was on our way home! I meant for us to grab drive-thru, but NO, Jonathan wanted to eat inside! It was 9pm and time for Parker to be in bed! As usual, they were extremely slow, and they messed up half of our order. I was about ready to walk out and Jonathan had actually gotten up to go ask them to make it "to go" and of course, there came our food! (Well, part of it, the waitress didn't even write Jonathan's order down so he didn't even get his!) He did finally get his food, but the whole experience just left us aggravated! We got home at 10:20pm, WAY past Parker's bedtime!

(We knew we had been in the restaurant a really long time when I looked out the window and saw Gold City's bus pulling out of town!!!) They had sold product afterwards, torn down all their sound equipment, and loaded the bus, and here we still sat! Lucky for Steak and Shake, their burgers are the only ones I like, or I might not ever go back!!

Tonight I am going with a friend to hear the Collingworth's at Jonathan Byrd's in Greenwood! Jonathan is singing with Convention Quartet at an indoor camp so he can't go! I had to decide if I would rather go hear him or go hear the Collingsworth's and it was a pretty easy decision!! :)
Our church Thanksgiving dinner is this weekend too so it's going to be another loony weekend around here!



Tony will be bummed when he finds out. We were hoping to go hear the Perry's at Landmark Baptist. But here I am, still sick in bed! Ugh!

Karen Walden

Yes, we like the Perry's too, but since Gold City was right here in our town, we decided to go hear them!

Hope you get over this sickness soon. Sure hope it doesn't last the entire 9 months! UGH!!!

Greg n Anna Cubs

I would love to be going. I didn't realize that they we're singing up there tonight. Greg is out of town and coming home tonight and you know I wouldn't try that one by myself.


Sounds like it was a fun evening...minus the LOOONNNGGG wait at Steak and Shake. =(

Enjoyed the comment on the post below about "Awful wedded wife." Too cute. =)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Elijah's pictures.

Have a blessed weekend in Jesus. =)


I haven't heard Gold City in years. I really enjoy them!! Last night my family in PA got to go to a Collingsworth, Greater Vision & Triumphant Quartet concert. They said it was really good! Sorry you didn't get in for more of the concert you went to!! And it sounds like your experience at Steak & Shake was horrible :o(