Sunday, November 16, 2008

Collingsworth concert, chicken & noodles, coconut pie and CRASH!

I was so looking forward to our girls night out on Friday night. Mom kept my kids, Jonathan was off singing at the ICHA indoor camp, and I was going to Jonathan Byrd's with a friend to hear the Collingsworth family!

My friend, Amy Shearer, arrived at my house shortly after 6pm. (She had been waiting on her husband to get home from out of town so he could keep their girls!) She said she would drive, but NO, I insisted that it was my turn!!!! :)

We took off up the interstate and it was a dark and rainy Friday evening. We chatted the entire way and quickly made it to our exit. We had stopped at the stoplight just in front of Jonathan Byrd's and had about 20 minutes to spare before the meal was to begin. I was turned looking at Amy, running my mouth as usual, when all of a sudden.....WHAM!!!!! Someone rear-ended us! It sounded like a bomb went off in the car. I could just imagine the entire back end being caved in and having to call and explain it to Jonathan! I was very fortunate and did not hit the car in front of me. Instead, I mashed down even harder on my brakes! My purse went sailing to the floor, was not zipped up and the entire contents spilled!

The light turned green, we signaled and pulled over to survey the damage and the lady followed us. She was very apologetic and wanted to make sure Amy and I were okay! There was minimal damage to my vehicle, but hers was another story! (She also said she had just hit a deer last week!) I didn't know if there was really enough damage to call the cops.

I tried calling Jonathan to see if we should call the police, he was on the platform getting ready to sing so luckily, he didn't get the message! (That might have caused him to lose his concentration and mess up a tad!) :) I ended up getting ahold of dear ole dad and he said, "Yes, call the police!" We did....and 40 long minutes later, they arrived!
After all that waiting, the man said there wasn't enough damage to even fill out an accident report!!! Can you believe that?! It took him forever to fill out the information exchange form!

I forgot to mention that during all of this, Amy tried to phone several people from our church, that were already at the Collingsworth concert. She wanted to make sure they knew we were okay, and let them know why we were running late and to please save us some food! Well, none of them had their cell phones where they could hear it!
We finally arrived at the concert, just in time to get in line and fill our plates with yummy food! Even though we were a bit shaken up, it didn't stop us from filling our tummies!

The concert was great and we enjoyed an entire evening of hearing just the Collingsworth family!

(Jonathan left the camp as soon as he was done singing, showed up at Jonathan Byrd's, got in for free, AND had a much better seat than we did!) What a weasel... He must have buttered up Bro. Hood good because he gave him a seat at his table! So, I tossed him the camera during intermission! (I took Mom's new camera along and fell in love!) Now I know what to put on my Christmas list!!!!



So thankful you girls weren't hurt. Also glad your SUV isn't damaged...but more importantly, you!!! I'm glad you got your Collingsworth fix. :) You must be one of their most faithful fans. They are awesome!!!


So sorry to hear or read about your accident. Glad you both were Ok and unhurt. I'm sure the concert and "the food" made you feel a little better!! :o)

Amy Shearer

Boy, was I glad that was your SUV and not mine :) No, actually I'm just glad it wasn't worse than it was!! We still had a blast and I'd definitely do it again (all but the CRASH)!!


Boy, when you have a girl's night out, you do so with a "bang!" :) Glad you were able to have fun anyways.


I'm glad you all weren't hurt!! I think maybe you should stay away from concerts for a while the way things have been going for you :o)


We have never been to Jonathan Byrd's. Sounds like a good date night as long as we don't get rear-ended :) ALWAYS call the police b/c if there is damage later, the incident is documented. We've learned that from being rear-ended a couple times. Sometimes things show up later and sometimes you need to go to the chiropractor later!!

Angie Davis

Never a dull moment with you! I think that's why we get along so well... :o)


Bummer about the crash but at least it wasn't any worse. Sounds like you enjoyed the concert! :)


Glad to hear your crash was rather minor. Sounds like a fun night, in spite of the trouble you had getting there.

Can't WAIT to see you!


Well, I am sure by this time you figured I was going to let you off the I am! I will be as nice as I can so all I will say is....I wonder if you would have had a wreck had you gone to hear your hubby sing.....

Karen Walden

Anthony...if I hadn't opened my mouth, Jonathan would've never known! It was sooo minor! And the concert was SO worth it! :)

Besides, Marci and I heard those songs PLENTY the week before, remember?!?! :)