Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quiet time...

Grandma Walden reading to the twins...

Daddy has quite a lapful... Listening to Daddy read Parker's book from school.

(Pay no attention to the mismatched jammies!!!)



I used to love to be read too!

Peggy B.

Can't wait to start reading to Arilynn

Angie Davis

We do a lot of reading around here too!

We also do a lot of mismatched pajamas. Connor thinks it's funny to mix them up on purpose because he knows it drives me bonkers... :o)


Reminds me of way back when! My kids always ran to Daniel as soon as he came home. By the time they were grown they had hundreds of books! (he also had a lapful) I used to read Janette Oke books aloud to Jonathon when he was a baby! I could soothe him and read at the same time!


My boys always loved to be read to. It has a way of usually calming them down :o) On another note, I posted pictures from Katressa's reception finally! Be sure you check them out.