Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss Rudolph...

I've been slowly getting out some of our Christmas decorations the past two days and this morning I was hanging their stockings by the chimney with care... (Actually on our mantel, we don't have a chimney!) The kids were all excited to see which one was theirs and began pulling on them! I have the Boyds Bear stocking hangers which are extremely heavy. It took all of a minute for Paige to pull hers completely down, break the stocking hanger and cut her nose!!! (It hadn't been 10 minutes either since I had emailed our photographer to give her some dates to set up for Christmas pictures!!!) :(

Now it has a nice red streak across it and looks just lovely! Last year she had scratches all over her face in the pictures from her little twin brother. I see a pattern here!!! :(



She's still cute even with the scratch. :o)


Ah! Poor girl!! She's fortunate she didn't get hurt worse if the stocking holder was really heavy. Hope it heals okay & quickly!!


Aahhh! Put some neosporin on it..doesn't that make it heal faster? I know Brycen is going to do the same thing over at Jeff's house!

Angie Davis

Yeowch! I have some really heavy ones too and I've often imagined that clobbering someone.

Amy Shearer

Wouldn't ya know it!! Never fails. Oh well, that's what cover up is for :)


Karen, I ask your Photographer if they can fix the blimish on her nose. I just took the picture and have fixed it and it does not even show where it was. :-) Kids have away of always having scratches when it picture time. It may cost a little extra to have it removed. If you would want to see the after picture I will need a way to send it to you.


Do you know anyone that has Melaleuca Mela-gel? That stuff is awesome for healing things super quick! My friend's little guy started falling off a bleacher one night and the lady that reached out to catch him gouged his cheek with her LONG fingernail. He had a nasty deep welt. Martha put the mela gel on it and we saw them again two days later and you could not tell which cheek it had been. Might be worth a shot.

Debbie (Stalker)

Hi, Karen! As I told Jody J. on her blog, I am also YOUR blog-lurker! And, I do feel extremely sorry for the little one's boo-boo! Kiss it for me, will you?!

I just wanted to thank you for leaving me such a nice note on my CaringBridge web page! I have some awesome, caring friends, don't I?!!:)

Debbie (Stalker) Fike


Ouchie! Poor baby!

Karen Walden

Thanks for saying Hello! I had no idea you were one of my "lurkers!" Thanks for confessing!!!


Poor little Paigie! Have you ever had Christmas pictures taken when one of the kids didn't have some sort of road rash? You can always put a little cover-up on Miss Paigie. : )

Karen Walden

Carol...I had cover up on Paige last year and it showed up in the pics since she is soooo pale! Remember the year Parker practically broke his nose and in the pics it was slightly green!? HA!


Yes, I remember the cover up and poor Parker's nearly broken nose! There's always bound to be a facial injury of some sort when photos are in the near future!


Karen...HI!!! I am only posting a comment here incase you hadn't seen my comment on the post below! I am just here to be a blessing to you!!