Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Dads... (Happy Father's Day!)

On Friday night we got with my family for a get together and took some photos with my Dad since my brother and I won't be seeing him on Father's day! (I have to be at the hospital with all the "new" daddies on Father's day!)

Today, Jonathan went up to see his Dad and I sent the camera along as well! Here are a couple of shots of Jonathan and his dad as well as his brother, Donnie with Jonathan and their dad! We have the two best Dad's in the world, sorry about the rest of ya'll's luck!!! We love you both very much Dad Thompson and Dad Walden!

Happy Father's Day everyone! Hope you have a nice, relaxing day! (Poor Jonathan won't...)



Hey Karen! It's nice to see your family. Your kids are adorable!!!

Angie Davis

Did your husband get to "enjoy" Father's Day with the kids? :)

Karen Walden

Oh, yes... He really enjoyed Sunday morning service too! (All 5 minutes he got to be in there! HA!) I think he did steal a nap at my Mom's and she watched the kiddos!