Friday, June 1, 2007

Busy Packing...

We leave our house at 4:45am tomorrow to fly to Disney!!! I am officially now on vacation! Yea! I will be busy packing and cleaning up my house all day today. I want to try to be completely packed by this evening because Brian Free and Assurance are in town tonight! Parker loves them and he and Jonathan are going with or without me... I will try to post something this evening before going to bed for a few "short" hours. We don't know if we will have internet access next week or not! Have a great weekend!



Have fun at Disney! Wish I was taking a vacation, but I don't have enough vacation time yet with my new job. We'll just do short weekend trips this summer, I guess. But look out Summer 2008! haha

Can't wait to see lots of pics when you get back!

jody j

Have fun! Say, "Hi" to Goofy for me.


Have a great time!


I don't know if you remember me or not. I know you know alot of my family - the Wetherald's. I'm Randy's oldest daughter, Julie. I remember seeing you sometimes at Bethel if I was there with Grandma. I found your blog through Michelle's. Your kids are adorable. My little girl, Mollie, has the same middle name as your little Paige. Anyway, hope you have a great vacation.