Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bye Bye Bottles!!

We finally got rid of the twins bottles! YEA! We have been putting it off for months because they wouldn't drink milk from a sippy! At first we said, "After IHC," then "After our trip to Disney World!" Their Sunday School teacher has been after us to take them away and she said that according to the Farmer's Almanac, this Thursday is the day! Mom had the kids on Monday and didn't give them a bottle all day. I thought, "If they have gone all day, they can go all night!" I gave them a sippy of choc milk before bed and Paige said, "No" and shook her head! She ended up drinking most of it. Peyton didn't seem to fuss much until he got up during the night yelling "Ba Ba" and didn't get one! Other than a few whining moments, we are surviving!!! We should be done with baby bottles now until we have grandkids!!!!



That's funny! Cohen is 13 months old and will not drink milk from a cup. He will drink water or juice, but not milk. Did I miss the magic day for taking his bottle away?

Angie Davis

I got rid of the bottles (though I was partly nursing) around 8/9 months and neither of my boys seemed to notice. Same with pacifiers. I guess they weren't totally attached to them just yet.


They say the earlier the better. (like in Angie's case for instance) But it was something I let my girls keep forever! My mom was shocked. But there is always such a sense of relief to have it over. Hope the next few days go well!!

Karen Walden

Kelly...tomorrow, the 28th, is the "magic" day according to the almanac and their SS teacher!! :) We did it on Monday and they seem to be doing fine! I am having to put chocolate in their sippies to get them to drink it. Parker never would drink milk from a sippy after we took his bottle away. To this day, Parker hardly touches milk unless it is chocolate! Jonathan doesn't like milk so I guess my kids get it from him!


For my kids, it was the paci I was relieved to see go. They had about 10 of them but you could never find one when you needed it, like when you're running around on Sunday morning trying to get everyone out the door on time! ;)