Thursday, June 14, 2007

We saw Space Shuttle Atlantis...

Well, everyone did but me that is... I was too busy in the gift shop at Epcot shopping for Mickey and Minnie t-shirts to come out and watch history in the making!!! Actually, I didn't realize that it was that time of day and that we would be able to see it so well from Orlando! Jonathan did get it on video and these pictures are from my Aunt Carol's camera! At least I don't feel left out completely now...


Sherry Gates

We can actually see that from our house. I missed it too because I forgot about it. I did see the last one though.


That would have been neat to see. We did "see" the shuttle last year as it orbited earth. All we saw was a very, very bright light that streaked across the sky. There were only 2 nights that it would be visible and mom and dad saw it the 2nd night.