Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our weekend...

We came home this afternoon after a quick trip to Shipshewana, Indiana to hear the Collingsworth family! It was a great concert and we enjoyed our little getaway even if it was fast!!! We were fortunate to get our tickets when we got there! They ended up being "Sold Out!" The Collingsworth family were awesome as usual... They sang for over 2 1/2 hours! It was great to hear all of their new songs as well as some of their older ones! The babies did great and both of them slept through the concert! We didn't have to go out once! (They got their 2nd wind when we got back to our motel that night though!!!) Parker loved the concert and Kim even saw him singing on a couple of their songs! Afterwards, I was talking to Kim and she said "Hi" to Parker and told him she saw him singing along with them! She touched his check and was holding his hand while talking to him. As we were walking out, Parker said, "That sure was a nice lady who touched my face and held my hand! Next time I am going to ask her for a hug!" :)
We didn't get there in time to shop so we will definitely have to go back sometime! (The Collingsworth's are coming back for a Christmas concert in December!) We better make our reservations now, though...
Here are a few pictures I took this weekend. Sorry most of them are dark, the lighting wasn't very good at all in the theater. Just click on the picture below to view the rest of them!
Have a great Monday!!!

Shipshewana, Indiana weekend



That looks like a fun weekend! I haven't heard the Collingsworth's in person since that live taping.


Sounds fun. I love the Collingworths!

Angie Davis

You might want to point Parker in the direction of that nice lady's young daughter. :)