Friday, June 15, 2007

Parker funnies...

Parker kept us all in stitches on our Disney trip. Here are just a couple of funny things he said that I can remember...

#1. One night he and my dad were sitting in the condo together and my dad said, "Parker, I love your brown hair and your brown eyes." Parker looked up at him and said, "Papa, I love your soiled hair and your soiled eyes!" :) Guess he thinks gray hair is soiled...

#2. On the way home from Magic Kingdom on Thursday night, my mom was talking on the phone to my Aunt who was in Orlando with us. My mom said, "Bob and I are pooped." Parker spoke up and said, "Papa, did you and Grandma poop your pants?" :) A few minutes later Parker spoke up again and said, "I am about to poop my pants right now too!" (He really had to go!)

#3. On the trip home from the airport, Jonathan and I were sitting right next to each other in the seat behind Parker and my mom. Parker turned around and saw us actually sitting close and said, "Hey, what are you two doing? Don't sog up the windows!" :) (Obviously, we never sit very close any other time!!!)

He says some of the funniest things and doesn't even know he is being funny! Never a dull moment around here!!!

Have a great weekend!


Jody J

Those are hilarious!


Too funny!

Sherry Gates

That is funny! Daniel and I are still into the hugging thing(sometimes I even sit on his lap-for a short period of time)and my kids think it is gross! I am figuring we gotta stay in practice for when they are all gone. So, keep it up!


Aren't kids great?


Those are so funny! The soiled hair one made me just laugh right out loud! :)

Kids are so much fun!


He sounds like our youngest. She says when she grows up she wants to be a "committee-ian". When asked why, it's because she wants to make people laugh. The funny part is, she doesn't even try, like you said. Tony says that is the sign of a TRUE comedian :)