Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Big Daddy Chair!"

As I posted a few months ago, we repainted and got new family room furniture. We had ordered Jonathan a "Big Daddy" chair that didn't come in until last week! Our other pieces of furniture in this room are a dark brown leather. We wanted something with color to it and went with this "wild" design! (Boy, did it look different on a little sample swatch in the store!) It is a bit wild for us and Jonathan thought at first it looked like a giraffe! It is absolutely huge and extremely comfortable! I posted a picture of Parker in the chair so you can see how big it actually is! We are getting used to the design but, it is far from the "country" decor I used to have in this room!!! Oh well, taste's do change...



Looks nice Karen! I have drifted towards more contemporary myself --I love wrought iron!


That chair looks nice & comfy too, Karen! My tastes have changed thru the years too. I guess it happens to all of us. :)


Karen Lynn, I'm lovin' that print! I'm sure it'll be SO comfortable. It's an adjustment to have a "new" look. It's great!
Aunt Carol

Angie Davis

Does Jonathan like his giraffe chair? (Evil cackle...)


It is different but not horrible. I like how you put the throw pillows on the couch and was thinking before I scrolled down to that pic that if you put a dark throw pillow or throw on the chair it might help take away from the shock and tie it all together. But it looks great like it is too!!

Sherry Gates

Well, my mom has a big brown chair that she calls "the bear" so I suppose other animals would work too. I need to think of a name for my big chair! I wonder if I will always love "country" I still have apples in my kitchen and never tire of them! I am thinking of Americana for my sun room. That room is huge we had school in half of it!


Karen, I love your new furniture. It looks like a great place for an afternoon nap!

Jonathan Walden

It is a great chair for sleeping. Thanks to Peyton, I have already tried that out!

jody j

It's a huge change, but I like it!