Friday, June 22, 2007

Terrible Two's already???

I don't know what got into the twins this evening, but I think they might have hit the terrible two's a few months early... Jonathan was about to climb the walls when I got off work and he had only had them for a couple of hours! Here are just a few things they were doing that drove us crazy.

1. Unplugging our laptop and scratching the new paint on the wall with the plug...
2. Climbing into the bathtub multiple times and emptying the toy basket...
3. Dragging their little chairs all over the house and Peyton throwing his aross the room... (We have another Bobby Knight on our hands!)
4. Bending the mini blinds to pieces...
5. Opening the fireplace doors and trying to get the rocks in it...
6. Peyton putting his hand in toilet water... (Clean water)
7. Taking the cushion off of the rocker, throwing it on the floor and jumping on it...

Just overall BAD BABIES!!! Peyton went to bed with a shiner on his right eye! (He fell running with a truck.) Paige went to bed quietly... I dread tomorrow!

Life is never boring around here, that's for sure!!

Have a great weekend!



Uh-oh....and it's always more fun when you've got a cohort in crime!


They say that kids actually cycle in bad behavior every 18 months and I found that to be so true with my kids. They seemed to hit the "terrible twos" before 2. Then they were awful for like 6 months then better for 18. With my oldest especially it was like clock-work. I know it seems to go in cycles still and they are 6, 9 and 12. Something else that might encourage you...Dr Dobson said in one of his books that your kids will go through a terrible two stage at some point in their life whether it's at 2 or when they hit the teen years. My sister said her son never did have a terrible two stage. Then he turned 14 and it was AWFUL! So I always hoped my kids got it out of their systems when it was more controllable :) Good luck! My sister would sympathize I'm sure (as will Julie Waggoner :))


I totally know what you mean; I have had my couch for a little over a year and it has so many stains on it I am embarrassed! I know one thing; I will just deal with it because I am not going out and buying new until they are out of sippy cups and bottles!

April :@)


I am so there. I know I only have one so I'm sure you think that would be easy! That's what Julie always thought. Anyway, good luck.

Sherry Gates

Karen, that is all annoying I am sure but rememer "this too shall pass" Tacomom's mom used to tell me that those were the best days of my life and I remember thinking, "someone please kill me now." Since I am older now I understand what she meant. Plus you at least have something interesting to blog(or bawl) about unlike me who has a boring blog compared to others! HA! HA!

Sherry Gates

DUH! I could not figure out what was wrong with rememBer until I posted!