Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A fun day with friends!

The beginning of Angie's horrible migraine!

How about riding the "Beast???"
Parker and Connor picking out what they wanted to ride next...
Ready to head back out for more fun after spending $38.00 on a Chick-fil-A lunch!

Having fun with the pumpkins
Hanging out with a friend...
Gene, Angie, Connor and Kent after a hard day at King's Island!
One of her favorite rides of the day...
Peyton enjoyed all the rides... This kid has no fear!

Exhausted after a long day! They slept while the guys got "soaked" on the River Rampage ride!
A worn out, sunburned, sweaty, wet, group of friends!

We had a blast with Gene and Angie's family at King's Island. We had some hilarious moments throughout the day which is not unusual when you get our gangs together. Gene and I took Parker and Connor on the "Beast" while Jonathan and Angie "volunteered" to keep the 3 little ones with them. The boys were completely freaked out about the ride the entire time we were in line. As we were getting ready to board, Connor leans over to Parker and says, "Parker, if we never meet again, it was nice knowing you!" They screamed and buried their heads on the wild ride and at one point, Connor screamed out, "We're going to die!" Gene and I were absolutely dying laughing at our brave little boys! Parker declares I will never talk him into riding the Beast ever again!! We had a great time together yesterday and we must do it again someday! It was nice to chat together during the long lines, take turns riding rides with the kids, making numerous trips to the bathroom with our 5 children and 1 sick female, spending boatloads of money on food and drinks, seeing each other at our most beautiful moments, and staying until we almost had to drag our worn out kids to the cars! Thanks Gene, Angie, Connor and Kent for spending your Labor Day holiday with the Walden gang! (Be sure to check out Angie's Blog for additional pictures and stories of our fun-filled day!)


Angie Davis

I forgot about the boys' tender goodbye before their ride! Loved that... I'm afraid that the spectators near that "cars" coaster will have heard me yelling, "Elvis, I don't like you at all anymore! Why did you talk me into this?!"

Twas a great day--thanks for thinking it up!


That's hilarious what Conner said...

Amazing how the same lunch wouldn't have cost near as much outside of the park!


Looks like you had lots of fun. I'm just glad the Davis family went & we got to stay home! :)

Parker was so funny when he told me about riding The Beast. I doubt you get him back on there for quite a few years!


Sounds like you all had a great time!! The boys comments at The Beast cracked me up. :)


I took Kaitlyn on the Beast this summer. She loved it!!! We are going to Six Flags in LA in two weeks. Point Loma Nazarene University is renting the whole park and from what I understand, it's an awesome day with no lines. Yay!!!


I love Kings Island we went last year on the Forth and it wasn't crowded at all....I guess its a little busier on Labor day!!

Tricia Grissom

Conner's comment had me laughing out loud - what a riot! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun - despite Angie being sick :o)