Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Excuse me?"

Jonathan has been fighting a sinus infection for about 5 weeks now. He has had a terrible cough and this past Friday, finally went to see the doctor! She told him she would give him something really "strong" to knock it for him! He dropped his prescriptions off and we went back later Friday evening to pick them up. As we pulled up to the window, the lady asked him his name, pulled his meds and proceeded to tell him the total. She spoke into the microphone and said, "That will be $123.00 sir, can you tell me your address!" Jonathan's mouth literally dropped open and he was so got... He looked at her and said, "Excuse me?" I was sitting in the passanger seat and said, "Just give her your debit card and tell her your address!" The lady looked at him and again, told him the total! He replied, "Good grief, are they gold plated or something?" I about died laughing at him. He was so shook up over the thought of paying $12.00 per pill that it took him a minute to even think of his address! He thought they didn't get his insurance card, but much to his dismay, they did!!! He complained the whole way home that "if he'd known it was going to cost that much, he wouldn't have even gone to the doctor!" I told him he better swallow every single one of those pills and not waste a drop!



Wow!! That is high. Angie will say that's payback for him giving her a rough way to go on her birthday age!!
I seen where she went to Outback but not the one where we went or my dear hubby might have bought her's!!! Can't win them all!!

Angie Davis

Yeowch! That's a stinker of a bill--imagine what they would cost without insurance! He had better take them all and they'd better make him taller, skinnier, younger, more brilliant, etc... :o)

Well, all expense aside, maybe now he'll quit hacking and snuffling...

Angie Davis

Hey, GD has taken that and said it didn't cost NEARLY that much. Are you sure they ran it through your insurance...?


That's simply ridiculous!


He is better, isn't he???

Lady J

Medical encounters can be a rude awakening as I found out today. Went to the MD for neck pain and was told she it was accident related I had to pay "up front"-not insurance filing. So I asked for a quote and decided to do the Prompt Med thing that the lady suggested. They wouldn't take my insurance either and minimum cost would be about $300.00! I went back to MD for the walk in clinic and ended up with a $62.00 bill which the car insurance will pay. I truly do not know how people without insurance make it. Hope "Elvis" feels better soon so he can croon away!


My goodness, my mouth dropped open just reading it. That IS expensive. It better do the job!

Greg n Anna Cubs

What a shock. If your like us you were probably expecting to pay $8.00. Hope it helps.


Ouch! I remember paying a lot for Claritan D before it was available over the counter. Sad thing was, only the first three doses worked for me. I think that bill was $73 something so not quite as much as Jonathan's. Hope the pill was easier to swallow than the bill! lol!


Yikes! I think I would have said forget it and called the doc and said, give me something else!!! Boy am I thankful my prescription was only $4.00 this weekend.


Did the pills do the job of taking care of his problem?

Karen Walden

Not completely Mom Walden!!! He's still taking those precious $12.00 pills though. He still has a pretty bad cough! She gave him cough syrup too, but he isn't taking that as good!