Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures from Sunday's Celebration!

I have fought with the Picasa all week long trying to upload the pictures. The only way I can even get them on here is in this small slideshow. Someone said you should be able to click on it to make it bigger. I also have added some text down below most of the pictures. You can also see the text by clicking on the notebook on the left. If you want to read a couple of stories about Sunday's services, be sure to visit Angie and Gene's blog's. I am not sure either of them are exact truth, but comical anyway!!!


Angie Davis

That WAS the truth! (As I saw it unfold...) Methinks you're trying to hide that page number snafu, girlfriend! >:)


Karen..I was able to click on the picture & it enlarged for me. I sure am glad you took so many as my camera never made it out of my purse!


Looks like you all had a wonderful day for your Grandparents! You have lots of good pictures, too!

Karen Walden

It was impossible to get pictures of everyone that was there. I would've loved to have taken pictures of everyone posing but there was just no way! We had 195 for the am service and 170 for the afternoon service! I was lucky to get crowd shots!!

Lady J

Wow, I knew we had a lot of people but didn't realize it was that many. That was awesome! Enjoyed the pictures.


Thank you for posting the pictures!!! It looks like it was a memorable event. Great job on organizing it.


Some great pic's of people doing what they like to do. Eating, talking and laughing.


I am the neice of Janet Burton. We have some wonderful memories of your grandfather's ministry. We even shared a short time together in Ukraine! They are dear people to our family. My grandparents, The Burtons, loved them dearly. Glad to see that they were honored in such a nice way!