Sunday, September 7, 2008

Celebrating 40 years of Ministry today!!!

Today's the big day of celebrating my grandparents 40 years of ministry at Bethel Holiness Church. Grandpa has decided to step down from pastoring and so we are celebrating his 40 years of memories today at our church. Everyone is invited!!! We are hoping to have a big crowd to show our love to Grandpa and Grandma for all they have done for us over the years! I will breathe a sigh of relief tomorrow evening when everything is done for the day! This Momma is just a wee bit stressed out about tomorrow's services! Please join us if you can, and say a prayer for us if you aren't able to be there! Pictures to follow...
By the way, Rev. and Mrs. Nathan Shockley will be assuming the new Pastor role at Bethel Holiness Church sometime this fall for those of you that are wondering who will be replacing the Thompson's.



Good luck today! No doubt, everything will turn out very nicely. Sorry we can't be there to help you celebrate! Take lots of pics!


I hope your day goes good and isn't too stressful as you celebrate this major milestone in your Grandparents lives!!

Beth Stetler

Congratulations to your Grandpa and Grandma on this special day!

Tricia Grissom

Give our best to your Grandparents! Wish we could be there to help celebrate.

Angie Davis

The day went REALLY well, Karen! You did a great job on pulling it together. You've definitely earned a rest now. :)


I am sorry I missed the celebration. I really wanted to come, but it did not work out. I love the Thompsons and have always looked up to them. I am glad you had such a turn out. I can not wait to see the updated pictures.

Greg n Anna Cubs

I would have loved to have been able to come. I'm thankful for your Grandparents and their commitment to have a christian school.