Thursday, September 11, 2008

Faces of Gene...

I was innocently taking a picture of the entire table and did not notice what Rev. Davis did as I snapped the picture! Can you believe someone as studious as him would do something so rotten? I thought I would also share a picture of Gene during his single years. This was taken from our 1988 church directory! We had a copy of this picture on the table at the reception and Angie snapped it up and took it home for a treasure!


Gene Davis

You are such an evil woman. I feel so sorry for that Saint of a husband of yours. That poor man must put up with alot. Shall I starting digging through my pictures of our teens years?

Karen Walden

I just felt like I should pay you the tribute Gene. Afterall, the slideshow on the previous post was so small that it didn't do you justice!!!

Just tryin' to be a blessing...

Karen Walden

"Saint Jonathan" he isn't!!!

Angie Davis

I love it! Isn't he such a hunk? Thankfully, he got rid of those glasses and tamed his poufy hair before we met. :)


Poor Gene! His glasses are almost as big as his head, ha! At least he wasn't alone, eveyone had BIG glasses back then : )


Not that's the Gene I remember! That is SO stinkin' HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing, Karen Lynn!


We saw that picture on the table and busted out laughing...sorry Gene...if it makes you feel better, Wesley has a picture closely resembling that too... :)

Karen Walden

I hear he has some beauties of me as well with a hilarious hair-do! He's threatening to scan them..


Don't worry, Karen! I'm sure I have even more incriminating picture than Gene could ever imagine! Remember the one's of you in Grandma's 5th wheel ? Those are secure! : )

Gene Davis

Carol tell me how much!!!! Name your proce for those pics.


lol, love the pictures of Gene. That was hilarious. Great post!

Angie Davis

And it continues to bless our hearts!


I'm not sure which Gene I prefer????
I think the Mister Magoo one!!! Now I know why Angie fell in love with the guy.