Monday, August 25, 2008

Cancelled again!

My phone rang once again this morning saying they didn't need me up north! Wondering what kind of strange assignment I will have today!!!


Jody J

Oh, no! I hope it's something fun like climbing in a toilet and not cooking!

Angie Davis

Oh, no more meat patties, PLEASE!!! I'm afraid you'll still smell like them when I see you next... :)

Tricia Grissom

Can't wait to see what it was! :o)

Karen Walden

Nothing fabulous Tricia!!! They sent all the employees inside the hospital to start cleaning. My assignment was the "outer core" of the OR! Fun times wiping down walls, equipment, floors, etc with wexide!!! It was overwhelming to see what a mess it was inside! :(


Now which would you have preferred more salisbury steak and mashed potatoes or wexide?

Peggy B.

Uh, think I'd rather cook.