Monday, September 15, 2008

National Quartet Convention



I wanted to go to this for our "honeymoon that we never had" but Tony didn't think we should celebrate our 15th anniversary a month and a half early. This would have been soooo fun!


Looks like you had good seats...or is this after you moved?

I think we might have to go next year!!! Looks like fun. I just always dread all of the walking that goes along with it. And I still remember those "nose bleed" seats we had in '01!!! :)

Karen Walden

Those were from our original seats on Saturday night but my "zoom" was working overtime!! :) That's why they are so dark and pretty blurry! I told Jonathan I know what I want for Christmas...

The walking wasn't too bad actually. We just did it all before the concert and once the singing started...we never moved!

Brandon Miller

Karen, I am so jealous of you. The pictures are great. I love Signature Sound. I hope you had fun. I went one night several years ago with John Myers and met Mercy's Mark and Gold City and Kingsmen and Legacy Five. I would love to go back again. Well let us know what is was like this year.


Great pictures.Does anyone else notice how some of the guys in Signature Sound have the hair going on that looks like what some mothers do to their baby's hair in the middle? Only Signature guys don't curl over a

Angie Davis

Love the pictures. You got some of my favorite people in there! Maybe next year, I'll talk GD into taking me...

Karen Walden

Becky...Signature Sound guys have toned their hair way down recently! However, I did see some really big, wild hair-do's at NQC!