Thursday, September 25, 2008

Havin' fun together!

Our Nascar fans...
Tony "Parker" Stewart...
Jeff "Peyton" Gordon...
Our New York Yankees boys...
Our little Jeter's...


Angie Davis

Love it! Paige wouldn't wear those--there's no pink! :)


Cute pics except for the racing suit on Peyton...:)

Not a Gordon fan, sorry!

Karen Walden's just a generic halloween racing suit. Not even a NASCAR. He just was holding a Jeff Gordon car. My boys don't know the difference and neither do I... :)


How cute! They do play together without fussing once in a while, don't they!


And I just learned that boys play dress-up too. (I can already imagine the comment that Jonathan will have about that! But I didn't mean it negatively at all...very cool b/c they are after all MANLY outfits they are wearing!)


Aaawwww!!! I miss these little guys!!!!!

Peggy B.

Fun times!