Saturday, September 20, 2008

Parker's Party...

What he wanted more than anything...A Derek Jeter jersey!

Parker had a great birthday on Friday. He got lots of Yankees stuff and sports things in general. He was thrilled with all of his gifts and happy to have his family over to share his 6th birthday with him!


Jonathan Walden

Happy Birthday little Yankee man! I am sure glad you had a great day!

Love, Daddy


We had so much fun watching Parker get so excited over his birthday. I can't believe what a sports nut he is! (Thanks a lot-Jonathan!!!)

Just think....10 more years & he can drive!


That is SO funny that he is such a Yankee fan! And what a cool cake!! Wish we could have been there to help celebrate! Can't believe he's 6! (you won't BELIEVE how fast the next 10 years will fly... then he really will be driving!!) : 0


I LOVE his choice in Baseball teams and Nascar drivers....

Way to go, Parker!

Hope you had a great birthday!


Looks like he had a great birthday. What a cutie!