Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where we've been this week...

Special thanks to Marvin Truex for a great job on our church sign!
"Camp WannaPraiseHim" Notice the "skunk" to the right of the tent...
Angie talking with the children on the first night...
Anxious for VBS to begin...

This has been an extremely busy week with VBS in the evenings and me going "back to work" this week as well! We were so thrilled on our first night of VBS to have 57 children!!! Our goal was to try to get 50 kids at some point during that week and we were so excited to reach our goal on the very first night! I got a call on Monday evening saying that both vans were full and they needed me to run and pick up a few more kids in my vehicle. Tears came to my eyes on my way to pick up these children as I was thanking God for blessing us with such a great turnout! Last night we had 50 kids and hope to keep at or above our goal all week long!!!

Gene and Angie are doing a great job at "Camp WannaPraiseHim" this week. They are excellent camp counselors and the kids are really enjoying them. They think Gene is hilarious and are loving the songs about bugs, thunder, praising Jesus, etc. Last night they got to throw marshmallows into a fishing net and the boys won! Imagine that!

Our goal this week is that more children will come to know Jesus and that they will take something they've learned from VBS home to their families! Please pray for us the rest of the week! job is another situation that needs prayer!!! I started at St Francis Indianapolis Campus on Monday and after my first day on the floor, I am feeling completely over whelmed. I can take care of the patient, but charting it, finding my way around, and knowing the docs, finding equipment, etc are another story! I was lucky to find my way to my car last night!!! :) It is quite stressful and rumor is out that it will be much longer than 3-4 months! Probably just about the time we get "comfortable" up there...CRH will be back in business! I am not one that likes "change" so this is quite a challenge for this girl who likes her normal routine!

I need to try and find time this week to schedule my boys for haircuts! If not, I will have to borrow some of Paige's hair bows to keep their hair out of their eyes! It's Jonathan's fault that they look like this though as he completely forgot their appointment and now the lady has been on vacation. I was tempted to try to trim them up myself but decided the hair bows wouldn't do nearly as much damage as I would!

Angie is probably suffering from withdrawal being without a computer this week! I'll have to invite her over to get her "fix!" I am sure she will come back next week with a list of things to blog about though!

Also...a Happy Birthday to my Sister-in-Laws... April Thompson and Cammie Walden today! April is a big #30 today and I won't tell on Cammie! Hope you ladies have a great day celebrating!

Have a great rest of the week!!



Psssttt...CampwannapraiseHim. :) I think you're still stuck on ours from last time... :) You're not the only one...I did it too, and I heard others, too.
We all voted...and since you had last night off, you get to have "Zach Attack Duty" tonight!!! LOL


I have always loved VBS. I think I have as much fun as the kids do. hahaha. Thank the Lord for the good turnout of kids. Are most of them ones that have not been to church before? It's always great to get new ones in church, whether in VBS or Junior Church.


Are you doing L&D at St. Francis or just going where they need you?


Welcome to St. Francis! We are very glad to have our CRH colleagues here, though it's under the most trying of circumstances. You have all been in our thoughts and prayers these last few weeks.
If you have questions about the hospital that I can help with, please contact me at Community Relations.
Robbie Schneider
Web marketing coordinator
St. Francis

Lady J

Karen, what a sweet note from Robbie. Hang in there! My students have been lost for a couple of weeks too in those long halls of St. F! But we are getting the hang of the charting and location of supplies. The staff have soooooo supportive! They even have my fingerprint! I have students in 5 different areas on 3 different floors! I'm getting my exercise. I am excited about the attendance at VBS. I will never forget the last time I helped with VBS in Chatt. I started with 7 junior boys and one girl and ended up the last night with 22 boys and the same little girl! Talk about a workout keeping those boys occupied. Some how I ended up with the largest class. That was back in the days when VBS classes were divided into age groups-not just for crafts. I haven't had the energy to participate sense. :)


Karen...You are going to be just fine! I've never been in St. Francis at Greenwood but it looks like a beautiful hospital! I'm sure the nurses will help all of you. This is a very stressful time for everyone! I drove by CRH & tried to get a picture of the new ER unit but too many other things in the way.

Get some rest!!!! Love,


Glad you are having fun at VBS. I hope the job transition goes smoother in the next few days. I'm sure it will - just gotta hang in there! :)