Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tornado Sirens...

Today was not a good day around here as far as weather! I woke up at 5:45am to a nice, quiet, steady rain shower! It was really muggy as I was walking into work just before 7am. As the morning went on, it began to look a little "green" outside. We had some very heavy rain and wind. The babysitter was at our house with our 3 kids. Around 2pm, the tornado sirens went off all over town and I called home to make sure the sitter knew to take the kids to the basement! They were already down there and Paige was hysterical. I got her calmed down and all was well...

Tonight around 8:30pm, Jonathan was gone to get us a bite to eat. (Terrible eating habits, we know, but he had just finished mowing!) Yes...he did actually mow because we live on sand it is is as dry as a bone! Anyway...the sirens started sounding once more. Parker piped up and said, "Oh no...not again!" I didn't say a word as I didn't want to scare them. Too late, the twins came running out of the room wanting to know, "What's that?" I told them we needed to go to the basement because a tornado was coming. They were crying and Parker was about to hyperventilate. I was trying to call Jonathan!!! I begin to clear out the garage, which was full of totes of leftovers from our sale on Saturday. Jonathan thought we better pull the vehicle in tonight! At this time, the phone rings and it is Jonathan's mom wanting to know if we were okay and making sure that we knew the storm was headed our way! I told her we were in the process of going downstairs!
On the way down, we grabbed a phone, flashlight and of course...my wireless laptop! :) After all...this was blog material!!! We took our supper with us and Parker and Paige were too scared to eat! Not Peyton...nothing was going to stop him from his food!!! He scarfed down almost the entire meal that he and Paige were to split!! Paige had to go potty so up we came, then later Parker had to potty and up he and Jonathan went. Then Paige had to go again! We need to finish installing the bathroom down there! Parker kept getting himself all worked up over the storm and started acting like he was going to get sick! Sure enough...he found an old trash can and barfed right there!
We prayed and listened to the weather on the radio full of static, and came upstairs when it seemed to have passed! It was to hit about 3-5 miles from here! We again prayed and thanked Jesus for keeping us safe and now our kids are all snoozing happily! Mommy and Daddy are going to pray that those silly sirens don't go off during the night! That could be disastrous!



Glad you are all safe. I hate those sirens.

Angie Davis

I dread those sirens. I can recall standing in our yucky wet basement for a half hour one time, holding a sleeping baby.

Connor was getting mad at the rain last night; he kept telling it to be quiet and stop keeping him awake! His father was not afflicted with the same problem... zzzzzzzz :)


Glad everyone is okay! I like stormy weather but not if tornadoes are included! We had severe thunderstorms during the night and a tornado watch but it never escalated beyond that. Lots of lightening, though, and I slept like a baby! Steven was in our room sleeping because he was a little scared. He and Rodney saw a funnel cloud on Friday on their way home from baseball (they were in the middle of playing when the tornado sirens went off!)so he's still a little nervous...


Uuuugh! I hate this weather too. I wish it didn't always come thru at night time either!


I've been through a tornado. Not fun! Very scary!! Glad you all are safe.


One thing on my wishlist for buying a house in Indiana was a basement. And that was the MAIN thing I DIDN'T get with this house. I got the extra bathroom and three bedrooms and a dining room (rather than eat-in kitchen) but not the basement. I hate that. But so far, we have had all the tornadoes go north and south of us. Not so lucky in Michigantown! That tornado I HEARD and Tony was NOT home from work yet! Talk about scary!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I know the feeling. Right now we are waiting for our company to get electric so that we can go to work. Glad your safe.

Nettie's Nook

At least you have a basement to go to. We have nowhere to go and live in a trailor. I was afraid normally I am not, so I grab my laptop and my two dogs and went to the hall. Someone said you didn't grab your bible but I reassured them that I could read the bible online. It was very frightening.