Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Best Place to Work..."

Yesterday morning I attended our all employee meeting and found out once again why Columbus Regional Hospital was recently named #4 in the "Best Places to work in Indiana." The auditorium at Columbus North high-school was packed with CRH employees and everyone was so excited to see each other. Our CEO stated his name at the beginning of the presentation and applause broke out for several minutes as he received a standing ovation. It was a very emotional presentation as he showed us photos of what CRH looked like during and after the flood.
The highlight of the day was when our CEO, Jim Bickel, announced that CRH was dedicated to it's employees and that they were committing to paying their employees salaries plus benefits for 3 months!!!!!! Applause broke out again as you can imagine... He made a statement saying "At CRH our employees come first, bricks and mortar come second!" Now we know why CRH was voted in the top 5 as one of the "Best Places to Work in Indiana..."
Now...just so you know, we aren't on a 3 month vacation! We are to report for duty beginning the week of June 23rd and are required to fulfill our regularly scheduled hours to work. We may be helping with clean up at the hospital, helping with clean up in the community, working on lean sigma projects or working in surrounding hospitals. Everyone was just so relieved that we aren't getting laid off, don't have to draw unemployment, etc.
Congressmen, Mike Pence, came to our meeting to address the CRH employees. It was neat to hear him speak to us and talk about when he lived in this same town. He shook hands with employees as he walked down the aisle and then back up after speaking to us.
So...our fears were laid to rest yesterday and we can truly say that we work for one of the best hospitals in America!! Now...lets put on our gloves and boots and get to work everyone!!!!!!!



Definitely a good place to work!

Lady J

Yeah CRH! I can't believe the sense of loss I feel just because it will be a while before I get back there for clinicals! I was told to stay put at Ivy Tech for the time being. Trust I AM NOT getting out of work!!!! :)

Mike H.

That's fantastic, Karen! Did they give an estimate on when the hospital will be back in business?


I'm glad they are taking care of everyone; sometimes bad things have to happen before people realize how good they have it! (Remembering the 12 years I worked there and all the complaints I heard) But I hear the same complaints here where I work.(<:

Karen Walden

Mike...They are estimating that our ER will be back up and running in 6-8 weeks and the rest of the hospital running in some form by 3-6 months. They are hoping for 3-4 months. The CEO also said that they are rethinking what will go back in the basement this time around! Probably not the computers, pharmacy, lab, etc!!! They mentioned classrooms! If that all hadn't been down there, the entire hospital wouldn't have to be shut down for soooo long. :(

Steve Hight

So does an employer like that give a person an incentive to work and to do a good job, or what! Wow! I could hardly imagine that they could do that much, and what they had already promised was pretty decent. I think I'LL move back to Columbus and work for CRH. Got a job for me?

We're sure happy for you and all the rest of the employees.

Karen Walden

Brother Hight...I am sure they would hire you if you have any experience in digging out mud... :)

Angie Davis

I'm great with mudslinging! Where do I sign up? ;o)


That is wonderful! Who knows...maybe you'll get to do your "favorite" up someone elses dirty dishes. :)


I'm so glad everything is working out for the hospital and employees. The pictures were incredible, I can't imagine how you felt working through all that.


That's AWESOME! I bet that sure made you all happy?!