Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures of VBS!

We had an absolutely fantastic VBS week with Gene and Angie Davis! We started out with 57 kids on the first night and ended up on Friday with 70! Early in the week Gene had told the kids if they reached 85, they could make him into a human smore! He got to feeling sorry for them and changed it to 70! On Friday night, they reached their goal!!! They had so much fun covering him with chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers! What a nasty mess he was though when they were finished! What a great motivator for the kids! Thanks Gene for being so willing!!! (Next year Randy says we need to make you into a bean burrito!!!)
Our niece, Jacinda Edwards is coming today to spend the week with I must go and get the dust rags out! We leave for vacation on Sunday with Randy and Missy Dunn and their boys and are counting the hours! It is going to be an extremely busy week with working, changing the Jr Church theme, 4th of July, Grandma's 80th birthday and packing for our trip! Posting may be limited...again! I am sure Angie will be FULL of updates all week though! We gave her plenty of material last week to blog about!!!

VBS June 2008


Angie Davis

We had such an awesome week with you guys! Love that photo of Gene with the marshmallow in his mouth--that was hilarious--I bet I could keep him quiet by stuffing one in there more often....


Looks like you all had fun! Our VBS isn't until August, something we always look forward to (starting and ending that is : )


Looks like another fun VBS! :) The s'more idea is great!

Angie Davis

Just curious: is there any particular reason that you took such nice pictures of Arvel and yet managed to make me look like a disabled warthog? Girl, you are in SO much trouble...

Karen Walden

You think those are "nice" of Arvel??? ;)
The one of you at the piano is my favorite of you though!!! :)

Steve Hight

LOVE the picture of Gene! Wow! That ought to make the VBS Hall of Fame, if there is such a thing. Makes me wonder what a human bean burrito would look like.

How did he get all the chocolate washed out of his hair?

Karen Walden

I don't know how many times he had to shampoo it to get it clean but when he came back to VBS later, he said he was still finding evidence of the choc, and graham crackers! What a yucky mess he was! He went running towards Mary Jane, Chuck, Angie, etc for a bug hug but everyone ran from him!!!

Amy Shearer

Karen, don't fall out of your seat but I created a blog!!! It's



hey! sorry to randomly leave a message, but i googled my name and this blog came up! there DOES exist another jacinda edwards in the world! if you care to respond =)