Friday, June 20, 2008

Family Fun in our back yard...

Jonathan had to umpire tonight and it was a beautiful night so I surprised the kids and went outside to play with them! I rarely take the time to do that! I know I should do it more often. I pitched about 30 balls to Parker and he ended up telling me I wasn't a very good pitcher! HA! We played on the swing set and Peyton got over his fear of swinging. He even learned to climb the rock wall without the rope! Oh dear... Parker taught the twins how to slide down the slide on their belly's and they all came crashing down together! My thought was, "Someone is going to get hurt and we don't have a hospital!!!" :( Peyton quickly got hot and was ready to come in so we called it a night! It was a fun Friday evening in the Walden backyard!
Have a great weekend!
It's going to be busy around here!!!



Looks like a fun time! That's what Friday nights are all about. I've been very busy this week, got a lot of yard work done...but I've missed the little stinkers!

Parker also tells me I'm not a very good pitcher...but quickly says "that's can keep pitching anyway!". : )

Angie Davis

Looks like fun! I love the look on Peyton's face in that one photo. What a turkey... :)

Angie Davis

And for the record, I'd pay MONEY to see either you or your mother pitching to Peyton! :)


Awww, looks like the kids had a blast. Peyton just cracks me up! :)


LOVE that picture of Peyton! So funny!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Cute pics. Seth likes to go down head first too. Crazy Kid.


Looks like the kids had fun. I can't get over how much Peyton looks like Jonathan, when he was little. I guess I never noticed it before until now.


I LOVE that top picture, it is sooo cute! One of those you will always cherish!