Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A wee bit embarrassed...

Last night, the kids and I went to Jonathan's baseball game. I hadn't been all year and decided to try it with the twins. We didn't take their stroller so it was a challenge keeping up with them all night. Thank goodness there were several people there from church to help out.

About halfway through the game, Paige announced "Mommy...I need to go potty!" Of course she did, she has to try out every bathroom now. I asked someone to keep an eye on Peyton while we ran to the bathroom. On our way over, we met Amy Shearer and her girls who were just coming out of the ladies bathroom. We said "Hey" and then I darted into the first door on the right. I went into the same stall like I have used before, but as I did, I noticed two boys about 12 years of age in the bathroom. My first thoughts were, "Man...they are kind of old to be using the women's bathroom." Paige and I went on in the stall and Paige continued to talk to me while we were in there. I kept saying "Good girl..." I heard someone next to us using the bathroom as well and let's just say, it didn't sound like a woman! Still, I had no idea where I was...

Paige and I came out of the stall and went right for the sink, that looked just like one I had used before. We washed our hands and then proceeded to use the hand dryer. I turned to look at the door and about this time, a grown man came walking in to the bathroom! The blood rushed out of my head and I knew at that moment where I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, he was text messaging on his cell phone so I hoped he didn't see me. He was probably sending someone a text message saying "There's a lady in the bathroom!!!" I said, "Go Paige" and we ran out of the bathroom. As I got back over to the bleachers, I was dying laughing. Jonathan took one look at me and very seriously said, "Did you just go into the men's bathroom?" As I replied yes, everyone began to laugh. I am afraid, after 12 years of marriage, he knows me all too well.

Angie thinks Jonathan should supervise me better when we are out in public, and Jonathan is afraid we might get abandoned from the ball park! Chuck was amazed that I don't even have blonde roots... Guess next time I will be more observant and read the signs before entering!!!



That's hilarious! I'm pretty sure you and Kelcie are related. I'm also CERTAIN that you both have very blonde roots!! : )


...several years ago, I did something similar at Silver Dollar City. I went marching into what I thought was the women's restroom, hand in hand with two little girls. I quickly realized we were in the wrong potty room with all the men staring and frantically trying to zip their pants!


I laughed so hard...your face said something was up as soon as you got back to the bleachers! I don't think I've ever seen you laugh so hard...of course, Paige was totally oblivious what her Mommy just put her through...:)


One of the fields we play at has 1 bathroom that is unisex, complete with 2 stalls with toilets and a urinal. I DON'T THINK SO! I had to answer the girls' questions about THAT one! I hate going in there and I try to make the girls potty before we leave but for some reason they always have to go anyway while we are there...well, actually it's just Ashlee. I swear she has a bladder the size of a pea. (pun not intended!)

Angie Davis

For future reference, my dear; you want the door with the little person wearing a dress! :) Elvis just isn't safe to take you anywhere these days--first IHC, now this! Oh wait...he's had a few mishaps of his own late, hasn't he? >:)

Lady J

Been there, done that!


On one of our Holy Land trips, we were on the way to Petra in Jordan & stopped at a little Jordanian snack bar & potty break. The guide led us out back to the restrooms, & to our surprise it was one big room with no doors on the stalls! And I remember the one I went in only had a drain in the floor...no potty!!! We all lined up, men & women (as we all needed to use the facility & still had a long ride ahead of us) & I remember the men going to the back of the room & the women used the front part. We tried to stand in front of the stalls also to give the person inside a little privacy. Talk about getting acquainted! There was no other choice and we just did what we had to do. I'm sure some were embarrassed...but when in Jordan--do as the Jordanians do! :)


lol, that is so funny. I have never done that and hopefully I won't. I'll just laugh at everyone else who does.


That is so funny!! That happened to a guy at church a couple of weeks ago. He was so embarrassed but we sure got a good laugh out of it. Luckily, that has not happened to me.

Jody J

That's hilarious! I can just see Jonathan's face and hear him say that while rolling his eyes! :) I bet that man had fun telling his wife about that.

Jody J

Hey, I need to e-mail you, but for some reason your address isn't in my address book anymore. Can you e-mail me? jodyjohnson1027@sbcglobal.net

Gina (Travis Johnson's mom)

I tried to make Travis pee in an old fashion phone booth at the U.S. Capital when he was about 11 years old thought it was a door to the men's room and he kept saying but mom and finally I said don't want to hear it get over the and pee, then he said but mom it's a phone booth. He still talks about me trying to get him to use the phone booth for a restroom.


Been there, done that! It sure isn't a fun experience : (