Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our views of the flood!

Here are some pictures that Jonathan took yesterday afternoon and early today of our view of the flood. I tried to label the pictures so you could tell what you were looking at in each one. We still have company as Montie and Jonathan are over helping Darin and Amy clean out their basement. Elaine and I are stuck here with 5 children but are cool and safe and that's all that matters. I will post an update of my experience of evacuating the hospital when I can sit quietly and gather my thoughts.
In the meantime...enjoy the photos. Click on the photo below to view our collection!
Columbus, Indiana Flood



Awesome pictures. We can see what it was like on your side of town! Too many rivers between us to see you today. Keep safe!!!

Angie Davis

Wow! What a mess! I can't even imagine all the damage. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Please don't remodel the house on account of us... :)

Lady J

Wow-great pictures!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Glad that you posted. I was worried about you guys. I kept checking the blog to see if you were OK

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Seeing Derrin, Amy, and the kids in that truck made me so sad. Glad they are OK too.


Wow, what a disaster! I'm glad you are all OK. What happens w/your job - is the hospital temporarily closed? Is Jonathan's employment OK?

Be careful!! That water can sure be dangerous.


Glad you all are OK. For what it's worth I wish we'd gotten it instead of you! We probably wouldn't have flooded.


Wow, what a mess!! I'm just glad you all are ok.


Wow! Glad you guys are all OK. I had heard about flooding in Columbus, but honestly hadn't realized how bad it was!


Glad you all are safe and that you left work when you did!! Did you get any water in your home at all?


Amazing! Eric and Meg (my brother and sis-in-law) were singing at a wedding in Martinsville Saturday. Boy, did they ever have a story to tell...


These pictures are crazy! I remember being in a flood when I was younger, not fun at all. So glad you all are ok.