Friday, June 6, 2008

Family night...

Once again, our wonderful neighbors down the street gave us tickets to a baseball game! Parker was thrilled! We decided to take the twins along this time as well! This was their first experience at a ballgame like that and without a stroller! They walked right along with us all the way from the parking garage into the stadium and up to our seats! We had 4 seats for the 5 of us and were thankful we didn't have to hold both of them on our laps the entire night! They did fairly well, considering it was about a 2 1/2 hr game. Jonathan declares he missed half of the game due to taking kids to the bathroom and getting food, souviners, etc! HA! Serves him right. He usually makes me go out for everything! I did my fair share of going out as well! Our "free" night ended up costing us about $80.00 by the time the evening was over! Between ballpark food and hats/T-shirts, it was a costly family night! We had a good time and made some memories though! (Jonathan says Peyton can't ever go back! :)

Ready for "Family Night" So excited...
Ready for the big game...My 3 little Indians...
So proud of his new shirt...
She picked out the pink hat with sparkles...
Peyton had to be just like Parker



What a nice family!!

Lady J

You must have made it home before the rain hit again. I got rained on coming home from ICHA camp but I missed the major part of the storm.


Looks like you had a good spite of not really wanting to go! Love the hats. Serves Johnny right for dragging you up there! :)

I've been at the ballpark a couple of times & love the view of downtown Indy. It's a beautiful park & nice, clean place for a family outing.

Greg & Anna's Cubs

Just think, it could have been $80 plus tickets!


Glad that you had a nice family night. Carl and I went to a game there just last Saturday night. It was fun. I love the view of the city.

PS: I like your new layout.


Fun, fun, fun! :)


Steven wants to go to an Indians game though I don't think the girls are any too interested.

BTW - where's mommy's hat?

Angie Davis

Glad you guys had fun, but hope your laptop isn't floating around your house by now. Swim up here if it gets any worse--we'll keep you!