Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our Black Friday...

It started way too early when Jonathan woke me up at 3:30am to say he was heading forThey had some electronic gadgets he was after and they were opening at 4am! He woke up at 2:30am and had been on his laptop checking out all the deals! (Remember, I had worked all night on Wednesday night and had been up for two days straight with the exception of a short nap on Thursday am!) He was also going to head to Circuit City to try and get some more gadgets! I wished him the best of luck and quickly went back to sleep!!! A little before 6am, I was awakened again by my dear husband, to tell me he was home! He got what he wanted at Kohl's but they were gone by the time he left the store! He didn't get a thing at after standing outside in a line about a half mile from the store! (Some people got to that store at Midnight and camped out, literally!) I got up and talked to Jonathan who was completely wound up for this time of day! At 6:30am, he left again and this time, headed to They were to open at 7am! I went back to bed again and quickly went to sleep! Once again, I was awakened by my wonderful husband of eleven years, telling me he was home from town again but wanted to meet my Mom and family for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him to "Get out of here then!" (In a pleasant way of course, I had the twins in bed with me by now and they were beginning to stir!)

Jonathan got home from his breakfast out and we were all still in bed! He kicked back in his recliner for what he hoped was going to be a good nap! He instantly fell asleep and I kid you not, exactly 5 minutes later, the phone rang!! It was my Mom who he had just left!!! She was wanting to know when I wanted to go shopping! The phone woke all of us up and here we came to see Daddy! HA!!!!!

Around noon, we were finally ready to hit the mall and were there about 3 hours fighting the kids! Fun times for sure! Parker and Peyton sat on Santa's lap but Paige would have no part of him! We ran into several people we knew and had a pretty successful shopping day!

We girls went back to the mall last night for some deals we had seen earlier in the day! The crowds were gone and the shelves were pretty bare! The "door buster" deals were gone and some things weren't even on sale at all! That made everyone really glad they had gotten up and out so early!

My mom and aunt had gotten up and were in line at at 4:30am, my Uncle Garry was at at the same time! They all got what they went after and were feeling good about their black Friday shopping experiences!

Today is my cousin, Kylie's, Sweet 16th birthday so that promises us a little family party, some cleaning around the house here as they are coming over to see us after lunch, and then a little more shopping!!!

Hope you all are having as much fun this weekend as we are being together as a family!

Have a great weekend!