Friday, November 9, 2007

"Breathe Honey!"

Jonathan went to our hospital on Monday night to have a sleep study done! (I have been bugging him for months now to do this!) He was looking forward to a good nights sleep "alone!" The technician got him all wired up just a little before 11pm and then it was night-night Jonathan!

He woke Jonathan up a little after 5am to unhook all the wires and Jonathan asked him how he did! Jonathan said, "So...was it obvious? Did I stop breathing?" The technician not wanting to violate any HIPPA laws told him, "Yes" but wouldn't elaborate!

Yesterday afternoon, the doctor's office called to talk to Jonathan and let him know his results! (Are you ready for this all you nurses????????????????) The lady told Jonathan he has SEVERE sleep apnea and during the night on Monday he stopped breathing 341 times and slowed down his breathing 312 times! (That averages out to about once every minute!) At one point, his oxygen level was 66% "Oh my word..."

Needless to say, he is returning for a CPAP fitting the Wednesday after Thanksgiving! I told him, in the meantime, the less he sleeps, the greater his chances of survival...



Wow! I've typed a lot of sleep studies and I have to say these are some of the worst numbers I've seen! Keep him awake...


Jonathan....Don't even THINK about taking a nap out here Sunday afternoon! :)



And he was worried about me not breathing.......... LOL

Sherry Gates

iWhoa! Good thing those twins wake him up sometimes! I would be nervous about that and have a hard time falling asleep!

Angie Davis

Eek! Has listening to you been scaring him? Make him stay up with the kids for a few nights. It's for his own good. :)

Angie Davis

And Angie can't type. "Has listening to HIM been scaring YOU?" Let's try that... (What a daffy blonde I am.)

jody j

Wow! That's horrible! He might feel like a new man when he gets all hooked up.

Karen Walden

I told him he would feel 1,000 times better with this new machine! I will be able to sleep better too! (I will be quite honest, I don't sleep well because I worry that his brain won't tell him to take another breath! I feel bad going off to work early and leaving him home with the kids!) Don't you think a CPAP will be a nice Christmas present for him???


Wow!!! That is both crazy and scary! My sister has it really bad, but she can't stand to have anything over her face, so her machine wasn't doing her any good. My BIL told her he wasn't paying for it any more, if she wasn't going to use it (which I don't blame hime)! I wish she could see how badly she needs it and would take another try at it. I think my hubby should get the test done too, but...he has to be about dead before he will go the the hospital. Best of Luck to Jonathan!

Gene Davis

Poor guy!!!!!! I think that since he has this problem he should take it easy and get plenty of rest. No trash, no picking up and no nagging....did I say that? You know Karen people with sleep apnea don't get good night rest so they are more tired....tell him just to lay on the couch and take it easy...maybe rub his feet...poor guy!!!

Steve Hight

And above all, definitely no puppy to cause other kinds of breathing and tension problems that could make matters worse!


Just think of all those missed CPR opportunities. You could almost keep your certification up-to-date on him alone! JK


Gene, Gene, Gene. What are we going to do with you?

Janiece, they make CPAPs much smaller now than the huge contraption that fit over practically your entire face. Maybe MaryLee she should try it.


Yikes! Definitely sounds scary! Lots of people have the CPAP's anymore. I bet he'll feel awesome after he gets his.


Tony has had his machine since Oct 2000. I don't remember what his test results were but I do remember this: they woke him up after only two hours to put him on a machine b/c he'd already broke all their records...the next morning, his boss actually mentioned that his eyes were open...the hospital told him he would get probaby get a call in a week or two to get the machine...the hospital called that very day!...the respiratory specialist that brought the machine to the house freaked out over his numbers and left a message saying she would come at 2 a.m. if she had to in order to fit into our schedule! and last but not least, she said the divorce was very high for people with this condition and I TOTALLY believe her! I would get so incredibly annoyed with his lack of energy. Everything is different now! Tony is actually on a bi-pap machine...can't remember why that vs cpap but might have something to do with he fact that his diaphraghm actually collapses. For some reason I think that's not always the case with sleep apnea.


Two oops'...should read: the DOCTOR's OFFICE called that very day...and not sure I spelled diaphraghm correct.