Saturday, November 10, 2007

Always into trouble...

Take a look at what little Miss Paige has been up to recently around here!!! One day last week, Parker came running and told me that Paige had just dumped a brand new, large box of Fruit Loops all over my family room carpet and coffee table! I found her sitting in it and helping herself to several bites! (There must have been over 2000 pieces in that box too!)

Then, on Thursday, I was talking on the phone to my mom and thought the twins were being so good! (I should've known better...) They were coloring away and being quiet for a change! Much to my surprise, I looked at my family room carpet and Paige had colored a huge area with a red crayon... I about died! I have tried Resolve and Spot Shot and now it is a pinkish-orange color! (I still need to try "mean green" that a friend recommended!)

Later that same day, while I was fixing supper, she and Peyton were sitting at the bar coloring and I thought all was well... (Once again, I should've known better!) Paige had gotten down from the barstool and was coloring on my white ceramic tile with a purple crayon!

So...the crayons are on top of the refrigerator and I don't know if she will ever get to try out her artistic abilities again!
Are all girls like this??? Thank goodness for boys who go outside and play ball!!! (Although I do recall when Parker was little, he wrote all over the upstairs wall with an ink pen and drew down the entire stairway wall on his way down!) Guess it is just kids in general!

I know...this too shall pass!!! But when?????????



Well, being a girl myself (duh!), I think we're all perfectly good angels!!!...snicker, snicker


Try Windex on the marks. My kids are older now but it has worked on A lot of oops though out the years.

Jenny's Mom

Go to Lowes to the carpet department and get some cleaning stuff called Capture. It is a miracle cleaner for carpet. I use it all the time.


All my kids wrote on my walls with marker, pen, pencil, crayons - whatever they could get their hands on. Kelcee is 4 and just now beginning to get beyond that stage though she still thinks it's great fun to be a teacher and write on her "chalkboard". You can also try Greased Lightening -- also at Lowe's or Menards.


Well, I don't have any tips but I did want to say that even though she's being a stinker right now, she is still awfully doggone cute! :)

Angie Davis

You know what you need? Another baby!

Karen Walden

That WON'T be happening Angie!!! We've done our part of multiplying!Now it is someone else's turn...


I would be crazy by now!! LOL They are tooooo cute though

Sherry Gates

I think all kids do it but Jonathon only did it once and Abigail drew a duck for my mom from the kitchen clear to the living room once the other 2 never did it at all! Lucky me! (or them)