Monday, November 12, 2007

"All I want for Christmas is..."

"This, and this, and this, and this, and this..." That is what Parker and Peyton were saying tonight as they were sitting on Daddy's lap going through the Christmas catalog! I thought they were so cute that I grabbed my camera and snapped their picture!

(If you are wondering, yes, Peyton has a fat upper lip! He fell off the bed today and bloodied his nose and got a fat lip out of the ordeal! Of course, I am thinking of scheduling Christmas pictures very soon too!)

I think he fell onto a toy airplane! I am not sure, but I think a wing might have gotten up that left side of his nose! Poor kid! He plays SO rough!


Angie Davis

There's nothing quite like an airplane up the nose, is there? :)


That's what I've been hearing lately too. "Mommy, I want that!" "I want that too!" I told Kelcee she wants everything.

Hope Peyton gets to feeling better! That looks painful! I'm going to send you an email related to this...


Thanks for your comment. It's great catching up with you and your family. I'm sure you'll know when the time is right for another dog. I can't imagine a dog and one toddler, much less two toddlers. I think Clayton was 4 when we got our "Chow". Oh, yes, please keep us updated on Jonathan's sleep apnea situation. I could hardly believe that!


This has been a typical scene at our house recently, as well. Ryan has a birthday on Monday, Christmas in 6 weeks, and Evan has a birthday in January! I told them they will have to make lists and then NARROW them! I enjoyed catching up with your posts. Tell your husband that it's more difficult to quit breathing if you are doing dishes, laundry, and scrubbing toilets - never know what will get done at your house! LOL!