Friday, November 16, 2007

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

This weekend is going to be packed with many things to go! First of all, today we are going to take our donations to the drop off place here in town for...
This is a first for us this year and we have really enjoyed doing it. We had our Junior Church help participate and ended up having 12 shoe boxes to donate. The kids brought in a few items from home and we let them choose in which box they wanted to place their items. We talked to them about the kids who will be receiving these Christmas boxes. (Parker really enjoyed going to Target and picking out toys for a little boy who lives far, far away.) We hope to do this again next year and get even more boxes to donate! Tonight we are planning on going to see the Christmas fireworks here in town. This is a huge event in our community and the town is just crazy with people. They set the fireworks off to music and then Santa comes to town at the end! (Don't even think of going to the mall afterwards!)
Tomorrow Jonathan plans to put up our outside Christmas lights which means climbing up a ladder and walking all over our roof! (I will be at work so he has some friends coming over to help babysit and put up lights with him!)
However, tomorrow afternoon is probably going to be our biggest event of the weekend! Buddy will be saying his goodbyes to us and going to his new home. We are selling him, for my aunt, to a friend that works with Jonathan! He is going to be a Christmas present for someone in her family! (He will have three teenage girls to love him there! He will probably be so much happier sitting on their laps instead of having to run and hide under the coffee table when he sees my three toddlers!) Parker will have a hard time saying goodbye I am sure. We talked to him about it last night and he was trying to be so brave and not cry! However, I couldn't take and and just let the tears roll!!! We are going to have to make it up to him since we are taking his puppy/birthday present away!!! Sunday afternoon promises another play practice at church. (A nap is highly doubtful since Jonathan and I haven't even began to learn any of our lines!) We just started last Sunday though!

Next week will be busy as well as I work every day until Thanksgiving! I will be thankful to not be working the entire Thanksgiving weekend though!! We have family coming to town as I am sure most of you do as well! Postings may be scarce but don't worry, I will return and keep you updated on Buddy's final goodbye, what the twins have torn up, Jonathan's CPAP fitting, etc!!

Until then...



I'm happy that Buddy has a good home to go to but feel so sad for Parker! BOOHOO! You can make up for it by getting him a small turtle. They don't make a mess and they are easy to take care of. LOL We don't have one but we "turtle-sat" 2 of them for some friends of ours while they were on a 2-week vacation. We only had to clean the tank once and feed them. Oh, and let them sun themselves outside 3 or 4 times. On 2nd thought,maybe you should wait until the twins are older...LOL


I'm sure a rat would be a great replacement for Buddy! I know Parker has recently watched Ratatouille. Only makes sense, don't you think??? We could bring Elliot out for Parker!! Whadda ya think??? HAhahahahaha!!!!
Love, Carol


Make sure Jonathan dont fall off the ladder.It wouldnt be a good thing if he ended up in a cast again


Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy!! Enjoy! :)


I certainly can empathize with you, as we have had our share of dog troubles in times past.