Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grandma Brown's Custard...

I am sure all of you have family traditions that have been passed on for years and years! One of ours is having home-made custard at Thanksgiving and Christmas! My Grandma Brown made custard every year and it was always something we looked forward to drinking when we would go to Kansas. Jeff and I would drink big glasses of it and it seemed to make Grandma proud that we loved her special drink so much. Well, Grandma has been gone now for 4 1/2 years and our tradition continues! (My mom thinks the store bought egg nog tastes really "close" to Grandma's custard but I say "No way!!!") So, I decided that I wanted some of Grandma's custard bad enough this year that I helped make some on Sunday afternoon! It is very simple to make, however, you have to stand at the stove and stir it in a double broiler for 1 1/2 -2 hours!! Ugh! (I decided to make the most of my stirring time and study my play part on Sunday afternoon!) I told Mom that some traditions do change over the years but I don't want to forget all of our family traditions. I want my kids to grow up enjoying some of the same traditions that I did when I was a kid!

Tomorrow, I am making salty chex mix! Another tradition... (My Grandpa Brown would make that for me every year!) Only he would just throw in some of "this and that" and never measured his ingredients! He would also add some ingredients that weren't even listed! Things such as "hot sauce!"

I have many great memories of holiday traditions and I am sure you do too! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and make many wonderful memories!

Until next time...



Nettie's Nook

I agree with you Karen, we can't give up all of our traditions! That would make your Grandma Brown smile knowing that you were carrying on traditions that she started!


I can't WAIT to taste that custard! You're right, nothing from the grocery store comes close to my mom and your grandma's old fashioned custard!! We're SO excited to see you all!

Love you!!
Aunt Carol


Wow! It sounds delicious! I've never had custard in that fashion, but it reminds me of homemade sugar cream pie, which I love to make. (You have to stir for nearly a half hour.) I might make that for Thanksgiving too, now that you've jogged my memory.


Well, I don't like egg-nog (the rest of my family does) but In might be willing to try this recipe. Wow 1-1/2 stirring? Good thing you had help and something to do during your time!

Sherry Gates

HHHmmmm....I could drink that. I know that some eggnog is made with raw eggs and I just can't imagine that!