Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do you know where your children are?

Boy do I feel like a terrible Mother after this morning!!! As usual, we were hurriedly trying to get to Sunday School on time. Jonathan jumped out and grabbed Peyton, I jumped out and grabed Paige and told Parker to "Get out now!" I turned around to hand Jonathan the diaper bag and said I would go park the vehicle! (Jonathan leads the singing in Sunday School preliminaries and had to pick out a couple of songs!) I jumped back in the vehicle, drove out to our usual spot, put the car in park, got out and immediately locked the door! I walked quickly across the parking lot as I knew it was close to time to start! I went in and sat down in our usual row, saw Paige and Peyton playing and assumed Parker was on the other side of Grandma! I didn't see his feet and said to Jonathan, "Where's Parker?" His reply was, "I don't know, he didn't come in with me!" This is where I immediately panicked!!! (I knew he we hadn't left him at home because we had been practicing his memory verse on the way to church!) I threw Peyton down, grabbed the keys and tried not to run out of the sanctuary! As I got to the door to go outside, I could see our vehicle! Right at that time, the passanger door in the back came flying open and out jumped Parker!!!!!!!!!! He slammed the door, put his head down and came marching across the parking lot! I ran out apologizing all over myself! He was in tears and said, "Mom, you forgot me and I couldn't get out! Those stupid locks don't work and I had to push this red button! The horn was honking at me too!" We finally made it into church and Jonathan was now leading the singing! He looks at me as to ask, "Where was he?" I mouthed the words, "He was in the car" and he looked a bit disgusted, but kept right on singing! People all around us figured out what I had done and were dying laughing! Boy did I feel terrible! (Parker wasn't in the car more than a minute or two but still... That is how people smother their kids by leaving them in the hot car in the summer!) Jonathan told Parker he better speak up from now on and let us know he is there! Mary Jane says I better start doing head checks.! I guess I am like the old woman who lived in a shoe, I have so many kids, I don't know what to do!!!

Tonight when we were getting the kids out, I said to Parker once again, "Get out!" I stood there, made sure he got out and held his hand all the way inside the church! Bet this doesn't happen again! I will think of it every time I go into church now, and I would imagine everyone else will be doing a head count for me!!!



I have to think that my kids have a few guardian angels as much as I lose track of them when we are out and about. But lately my youngest has been scaring the wits out of me by hiding in clothes racks in the store and not coming when I call for her.

Angie Davis

That is absolutely HILARIOUS!


He probably will never let you forget that!

One time I went to the bank with all 3 kids and I *thought* they were all right beside me. I opened the door and went in only to find out that Ashlee was left outside (mere seconds...literally) and she hasn't let me forget that yet. That was probably 2 years ago.


I lost Mike one time in a mall in El Salvador; thought he went in a store with us and he didn't; had just kept on walking; A mall police took him to an office; I WAS frantic!

Sherry Gates

Poor you and poor Parker. Maybe he will move quickly from now on!!!


We all have moments that make us feel like bad mommies. If that's the worst you ever do, I'd say you're doing pretty good! :)

Angie Davis

(It's 8 PM on Thursday night--do you know where Parker is...?)

Karen Walden

At that time, he was running around in Target and I may or may not have know where he was!!


I love reading your blog!! Your life sounds very interesting! ha!! Hope you & your family had a great Thanksgiving!!