Monday, October 27, 2008

We're back in business...

Today, at 7am, Columbus Regional Hospital will open it's doors again for business. After being shut down just shy of 5 months, we are looking forwards to "going home!"

This has been a summer to remember for many CRH employees. My summer was going along quite smoothly and I was working at CRH on June 7th, the day our lives were forever changed. Those memories will be forever etched in my mind as we evacuated patients and waded through muddy water. I'll never forget walking out of the building that night with Dr Davis as we looked over the balcony, down into the lobby at the muddy water, and he said, "Awwwwh, we'll be back in here by Wednesday!" :)
If you look closely, you can see me in my blue scrub dress and white shoes standing by a lady in a wheel chair. I was on the news and didn't even know it! :)

I was sent to St Francis to work in their Labor and Delivery department. I am not one that likes "change" but found out that I really could do it after all! I never dreamed I would ever work in a big hospital in Indianapolis, but when forced to change, I was able to survive! I learned a lot from the nurses there, but was glad to bid my farewell to them last Thursday evening!

Not every assignment was always a bed of roses this summer. I'll always remember the day we were assigned to cook food for flood victims. Making Salisbury steaks and gravy for 400 people with one stove was not an easy task. We made some memories that day though and had some good laughs.
The day I spent sorting clothes at a local store where people drop off donations was another memorable experience. I along with another nurse from the birthing center were sorting through clothes. Some were pretty dirty and had to just be tossed. A guy came up and dumped a box of stuff out for us to sort through and I started to scream and run! There were live baby rats in that box of items! (I have a HUGE fear of mice and would not go near that bin for the rest of the day.)

I spent a day playing at the Kidscommons here in town too. That was one of the better assignments!! We sat and talked and cut pictures out of old encyclopedia's, played in the toilet, etc!
There were numerous days that I spent cleaning the hospital also. When I would get cancelled from St Francis, I would report for duty at CRH! We wiped down walls so many times we were afraid we were going to remove the paint!

The birthing center got completely remodeled during the summer and I am excited about going back to our new environment! I am looking forward to working with my co-workers again, being 5 minutes from home, and just getting back into a normal routine!

I am grateful to be employed by CRH. They have treated their employees so well this summer when they really didn't have to do so. I've seen our CEO more this summer than I ever had in all my years at the hospital. He has gained so much respect from the employees at CRH and can hardly get through his speeches due to the thundering applause!

There has been a lot of change already and more to come I am sure, but we will survive! After all "We're more than a building, we are Columbus Regional Hospital!"

You can also visit our local newspaper, the Republic, and watch a press conference recorded this past Friday.



SO glad you're FINALLY going "back home" to CRH! I know that is an enormous relief for you!

Be sure and post some news pics of your newly remodeled unit! : )


I know this has been a very stressful time for you...but like you said-you survived! I can remember the feeling of dread just after the flood, thinking that all of the CRH employees might be unemployed for quite a long time! But it worked out & the 5 months is over! I'm proud of you Karen! You did a great job representing CRH--even if you did make a few hilarious memories in the process!


Yay for you! It seems like forever ago that all that happened!


Not only are you thankful to be back at your hometown hospital but a lot of other people are probably glad as well.


Glad to hear you survived the summer, and are now going back home!

Steve Hight

I'm still impressed at how CRH treated its employees during this time. Wow! What a quality place to work for! And I, too, am sure that you're glad to be back home.

I understand you're in revival this week with the McCrarys -- is that Brother Mac? I'm sure it must be. If you think of it, tell him I said hello. We start services tomorrow night here in Bedford with David Fulton.


Glad you made it back. I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to have things back to normal again.

Beth Stetler

You should write a book. That flood was unbelievable! Glad you're back in your comfort zone.