Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny weekend...

Getting blog material I'm sure...
Mark Lowry and Lordsong...
Parker and Connor...Two toothless friends!

Angie and I with our lively offspring...
Tired and ready to go home...

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Frankfort to spend some time with Gene and Angie and their boys before going to hear Mark Lowry that evening. We met Angie's Aunt and Uncle who were so gracious to put up with our laughter and wild children. We had a hurried supper at Applebee's, rushed the kids back home and threw them at the babysitter!

The adults thoroughly enjoyed Mark Lowry and Lordsong. Mark is as hilarious as ever and Lordsong sounded awesome. We rushed back to relieve the babysitter and she practically ran out the door!!! (Not quite, but I think our 5 kids made her earn her money that evening!) After some more visiting and a few funny moments, we drove home and the kids fell asleep before we were hardly out of town.
Thanks Gene and Angie for inviting us to join you this weekend. We had so much fun!


Angie Davis

That was so much fun! I laughed so hard that my face was still aching on Sunday.

Also, thank you for not wetting your chair... >:)


Sounds like you had a good time! As for the sitters I think they probably will live. It's the parents that I'm worried about!!! Too much drinking in laughter and not watching the kids....(via)Angie's blog...toilet rang a bell??? Too funny

Jody J

Would have loved to see you guys on Saturday, but we didn't get back home until late from YC. Sounds like you had a great time!


Fun, FUN!!!!!!! :)