Monday, October 13, 2008


We met Darin & Amy Shearer and their girls downtown at the parade on Saturday!
Darin kept telling us that the people across the street would be in the sun "in about 5 minutes!"
They ended up being in the shade the entire time!!! :(
Our Mayor...Fred Armstrong
China was the feature this year in our Ethnic Expo...
The kids loved the dragon...
Showing his patriotism...
Groucho Marx...Little Groucho...
(Monkey see...monkey do...)
One of the floats was about "Laughter" stating that a laugh is the same in any language. They were passing out these plastic glasses/noses and also had cans of silly string. They were walking along and spraying the silly string at people trying to make them laugh! Well..........Peyton was standing on the curb, watching the parade, when all of a sudden, a little boy walked up to him and squirted him right in the face with silly string! Jonathan about came out of his lawn chair!!! Peyton did NOT like it and because he was standing in front of me, I quickly became covered with the nasty stuff as well! (Jonathan thought about throwing candy at the boy but decided that wasn't too Christ-like!)


Angie Davis

We need to get Elvis a disguise that fits his head! :o)


What a beautiful weekend for a parade and outside activities. It didn't get quite that warm here, but it sure was nice.


I love parades but really I don't think men are the best at figuring out directions on the road or in the sky!!!


I loved the Ethnic Expo. The first time we went one of our boys "was not going, why would anyone want to watch a bunch of ethnics expose themselves!?" Of course they wanted to know what an ethnic was anyway!