Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Happenings...

My blog has obviously been neglected over the past few weeks and months. I am keeping up with everyone else's and feeling a bit guilty for being so boring! Tonight I am taking the kids to our school's "Fall Festival" while Jonathan has a ballgame to play! Marvin has promised the kids a hay ride and they are so excited.

Tomorrow we plan to take the kids to a parade here in town and then we are having a Jr Church Bonfire and hay ride tomorrow night! (We'll be sick of hot dogs come Sunday!)

I am getting excited about our hospital getting ready to re-open. Our target date is October 27th!!! I was there yesterday working in our department cleaning equipment and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem possible. I thought to myself..."Oh ME of little faith..." :( I am ready to be back home in familiar surroundings with the gals I know so well. It's been quite a learning experience this summer and I am glad it's almost over! We have a completely remodeled Birthing Center from the ceiling to the floor! You'll have to have a baby and come see it!!! Parker was chosen as "Student of the Month" for October. I know that everyone will get chosen as some point, but it was cute to see his name printed in the school newsletter! He's loving school and leaning to sound out letters and read high-frequency words! I find myself quickly losing my patience with him when he doesn't get it right away! (That's an obvious sign for me that I will never be able to home school my kids!!!)

I'll try to get some fun pumpkin pictures this weekend!
Happy October!



Guess we'll see ya tonight at the Fall Festival...and tomorrow at the Jr Church hayride...and Sunday at church. ;)

Congrats Parker!!!


My Grandma Miller is having her annual Hayride and bonfire tomorrow night too. It is one of my favorite fall events! it is always a lot of fun. I only eat hotdogs from a bonfire or at a baseball game. I can't stand them any other time. Have fun!

Congrats to Parker on being the student of the month! Woo-Hoo!


Parker's looking so much older... so cute!
Gave Donnie Bates your message. His song, "When Jesus Comes To Stay", was really great. The message he preached was tremendous!!! We enjoyed it!


Ahhhh!! That's SO exciting that Parker Man is Student of the Month!!! I'm SO proud of him! (Karen, if you do the math, I'm guessing that there aren't enough months to have everyone be chosen.) I know I may be biased, but I think that's a true honor!

Keep me posted about the hospital. I know you're sick of working elsewhere!

Love you and miss you~~


Congrats Parker!!! I agree with Carol...there are only 9 months of school & 20 some kids in his class. Of course I would think he deserved the honor!

Have fun at all of your fall functions! Your Dad & I will be doing the Historic Home Tour tomorrow!!!

Maybe we won't have hot dogs for Sunday dinner afterall.....

Lady J

Oh my goodness, I forgot all about the fall festival. I guess that is what I get for not being in church...??????


I feel just a little weird writing this comment cause everybody else is talking hayrides and festival. The birthing center jumped out at me especially the part where you said have a baby and come and see it. I think I'll just take your word about it and leave that baby making stuff to you younger gals!!! That's scary at my age. That would put be in another ward at maybe your hospital!!!

Karen Walden can just come and visit Jenny when she has her next baby!! Maybe by then, we'll be open again!!! :)


Guess I won't be seeing it. It couldn't be THAT special! LOL!