Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Works excursion...

Yesterday, Mom and I took the kids to the Apple Works in Trafalgar, In. for what we thought would be a fun afternoon! We had heard lots of good things about this place and I was dying for some cold apple cider and those yummy apple cider donuts.

After a quick lunch we got in the car and tried to set Mom's navigation system but for some reason, it wouldn't recognize the address. "Oh well" we thought, ..."we'll find it no problem!" We had both read the directions on the Internet and thought we were pretty sure we could find it.

We were driving along, enjoying the beautiful scenery and colorful leaves and the road began to get quite narrow. We also began to notice that there were some very steep hills on this narrow road. The kids were in the back asking, "Are we almost there?" and then would say, "Whoa" when we climbed the hills or turned a sharp curve! After driving several miles like this, we decided we better pull off and call the place and ask for directions. Mom tried to explain where we were at that moment and the lady was able to figure it out and tell us how to find our way back to them!

Shortly after our arrival at the Apple Works, a tour bus pulled in loaded with retired people anxious to buy some apples! We walked around on the grounds for a while and took several pictures. The kids had fun throwing rocks in the water and got filthy quickly. Obviously, they are easily entertained... There were no activities going on yesterday and there wasn't much for the kids to do. So...they decided to get on my nerves!!!

Once the line had gone down inside the store, Mom went in to "shop!" She quickly came back out empty handed. They told her that they were pretty much sold out of everything from having such a busy weekend! No Apple Cider, only one pastry, and no Apple Cider donuts, (they only make them on weekends I found out!) They did have plenty of fresh apples and Mom did end up buying a bag of them to make fresh apple butter!
Parker always has to check out the bathrooms, wherever we go! He got his first experience with outdoor plumbing and thought it was pretty cool! I was trying not to gag at the thought of him sitting in that outhouse and probably touching everything in sight!!!

A short time later, we loaded up the kids, took off their filthy shoes before getting into Gpa's car and headed home! They were worn out and we were hoping for a quiet ride home. Parker was making sure we were taking a different route home! (We did!!!) After traveling a mile or two down the road, Peyton starts hollering for his match box car that he had been playing with at the Apple Works place! I told him to look in his pockets for I did not have it! Much to our dismay, he did not have that little car and said, "I left it back there!" I just told him that it was gone and that broke his heart. It's a good thing Grandma was driving because Mommy wouldn't have turned around! We went back to look for this silly .79 cent car... The entire time I was trying to remember where I had last seen him playing with it. I went down the hill looking for it in the rocks and was praying on my way down that I would find it. I know it's a silly car, but he was devastated! As soon as I got to the spot, there was that little car, sticking up out of the rocks!!!!! I came walking back up the hill and Peyton was looking out the window for me. Mom said as soon as he saw it in my hands he said, "Yipee!"

All three kids fell asleep on the way home and it was a peaceful drive back to our town! It was a fun afternoon, but I can't say that I intend to go back anytime soon! If I do, it'll definitely be on a weekend so I can get some of those yummy donuts!



When my little sister was little, she had to check out every bathroom too. Having 2 older sisters, we got to check them out with her... :(


We have a place not too far out of Westfield called Stuckey Farms. They don't have donuts but they do have fresh frozen apple cider drinks. They have a store or pick your own stuff. They even have BEES behind a window showing them making honey!!! I think they found there way to my house this morning!!!


Well, I enjoyed our little adventure, even if we did find some roads we had never been on! (I bet we were closer to Nashville than we thought!) My main concern was Parker loosing his cookies in the back seat! Glad that didn't happen..... It was fun & I love our pictures! Sorry you didn't get your donuts.

Lady J

You better be pretty desparate for that doughnut! I drove out there Sat. just for a pumpkin doughnut (I know it isn't on my diet..ate it anyway)and you could hardly move there were so many people. I certainly didn't stand in line for the healthy apples. I ate my doughnut and came home!


That looks like a fun place! Things will get more fun as the kids get older!


my grandson brian keaton, jr. always had to take all of his clothes off when he went to the bathroom even at events with outhouses up until he was about 7 years of age. never could figure it out but he told me once he didn't want to get "any of it" on him. gina smitherman