Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Parker's cool Grandpa...

Jonathan's parents were babysitting our kids this past weekend and Parker was thrilled to have Grandpa Don play his Playstation 2 with him! He even talked Grandpa into wearing a baseball hat. I think he skunked Grandpa, but Grandpa Don was a good sport anyway! Parker actually can beat his Daddy at these games too! (I don't even try to play!)



His grandpa sure is a good sport! He played ball with Clayton when they were up here. Clayton sure loved that!!


What a fun grandpa!! I'm sure Parker was thrilled. He may not be so happy when he plays the Playstation with Jake. : ) Maybe his big cousin will make sure Parker Man wins. ; )


Way to go, Grandpa Don! The other Grandpa (I won't mention any names!) might not be such a good sport! He isn't a game player. :)

Parker was just telling me about his favorite big cousin, Jake, the other day. He thinks Jake was at the hospital with him the day the twins were born. (I think he is remembering Jessie) Ane he is all excited about Jake coming for Thanksgiving! Heads up, Jake! You are a hero to a little fellow!

Angie Davis

Grandpa Don is obviously way cooler than I am. I did so badly at our most recent round of PS2 that Connor told me to go away. :o)

Karen Walden

Parker would probably love for you to play him Angie! He loves to win! :)


What a cool grandpa!!!