Friday, October 17, 2008

"roughing it..."

Ready to pull out on Friday morning...
(Special thanks to Mom and Dad Walden for letting us use their truck and trailer!)

Our kids were So excited...
Finally sitting down to supper at almost 8pm!!!

Thank goodness Montie brought a lantern!

Yummy steak and fried potatoes...
Pagie thought this decoration was scary!!!Ready to roast marshmallows and make smores...

(Peyton was not thrilled to say the least...)

We are having fun "roughing it!" This is about as rough as I care to get!!! :) Thank goodness there's Wi-fi here and we have great signal on our cell phones! The kids are getting filthy and I just cringe every time they throw sand on each other!

Last night had to be the longest night of our lives. The kids slept well until about 1am. They all ended up coming into our bedroom to sleep! Jonathan ended up on the hide-a-bed with Parker and later came in to beg me to trade him! I ended up out there the rest of the night. We had good intentions of sleeping in today but Parker and Paige were wide awake at 7am!!!

Montie has been quite the chef and it is amazing to see what all he can cook outdoors! I'm impressed! Sure is nice to not have that mess in Mom Walden's kitchen!

The campground is having a hayride tonight at dark and we are all signed up and ready to go!

Hope you have a great weekend! The leaves are beautiful in this part of the country!!!


Angie Davis

Now THAT is my idea of roughing it!!! (Well, I might also need a really rustic Starbucks nearby...) Looks like fun. Can we see a picture of you with "camp hair?"


Just think of the fun we could be having if our little camper hadn't been stolen from the church parking lot! Hope you have a blast! (Karen, would you like me to post the picture of you on Grandma's camper potty)?

Angie Davis

Post it, Carol, POST IT!!!

Karen Walden

I don't remember that picture but I hope it was when I was small!!! :)


Someboday has a picture of Jeff sleeping the tub. Remember that??? He kicked the faucet & made the water trip & get his sleeping bag wet!

Glad you are having a great time! This is perfect camping weather. But Monty is spoiling you. You need to have to cook to get the full effect of all of the work it is to go camping! You just need some fish to fry!!!


Well, looks as though your having a good least eating!! I heard you lost you way???

Greg n Anna Cubs

That's not camping. That's RVing. My style.


Looks like a fantastic Fall getaway!! :)


Looks like you had a "rough" camping trip. My husband prefers the nice little tents, air mattress/sleeping bag combo, etc. I prefer your kind of camping:) Glad you had a nice time.