Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Festivities...

At our Christian School's Fall Festival last Friday night...Enjoying Marvin's hayride...

Junior Church fall party on Saturday evening...
Kevin, Aaron, Parker and Tyler...
Paige and Hannah...
Shane and Peyton... Jr. Church hayride...
I'm pretty sure I see Jenny Grissom's mouth wide open in this picture!! :)
Amy Shearer posted on her blog about this party and said that she was sure it wasn't Jenny that we heard all the way around the church property! (Now are you so sure Amy???)
I think she was the one screaming out....Jesus love is a bubbling over...
It was a fun weekend full of lots of fall festivities and the kids had so much fun!



It's a good thing "Jesus' love is bubbling over!" :)

Note to self: Must take hidden camera and get payback pictures!

Karen Walden

Actually Jenny, I think you were telling Paige to yell "Bye" to us in that picture! So, you were being a good friend by giving me a break!!! :)


I love the fall display! Cute!!!

Looks like all of the kids were having a great time. Ya'll are making some memories-again!


Jenny yelling??? Not quite, meek and lovely Jenny?? this beat up on Jenny day???

Angie Davis

So glad that song is continuing to bless Jenny's heart. I find it's best sung at the top of your lungs, actually.

Amy Shearer

Hmmm...maybe it WAS Jenny I heard then :) Truth be told, it was probably McKiah!!


Poor McKiah...getting blamed when she was having way more fun throwing hay than singing. :)
Actually, I must was McKendra and I having fun sitting on either side of Aaron Dunn. I think his ears were ringing after 'Building Up the Temple.'


Looks like lots of fun! Your kids are so cute. Abigail has her opinion of who they look like and it is totally opposite of what Anna B. thinks. Of course, Abby doesn't trust AB's opinion because she swears up and down that Abby is the spittin' image of her when she was young!