Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our week in review...

Earlier this week we spent an entire evening trimming bushes and pulling weeds. Our yard had completely gotten out of control and I am sure our neighbor's despise us! The twins made a comment that they could "see outside" from their window after we finished! You know it was bad if they didn't even realize they had a window!!! ;) Next week, Randy Dunn is coming over to help spread some mulch around! We are running behind on doing this but at least it is better late than never!!!
Friday night I got to do something unusual for me! My friend, Amy Shearer and I had a "girl's night out!" We had never actually done this before and had a great time! Our husband's were umpiring for the evening and we got my mom and her mother-in-law to babysit our kiddos and off we went to Greenwood for the evening! We had a delicious Mexican supper at "On the Border" and hit the mall as quickly as possible! (I took my camera and forgot to ask our waiter to take our picture!)
We both talked non-stop and hardly came up for air! We ended up shopping for our kids and didn't buy a thing for ourselves! We continued shopping until the mall closed on us and decided we better head home to rescue the Grandma's from our kids! We will definitely have to do that again sometime! Thanks Amy for a fun evening!
Today, our family of 5, along with Darin and Amy Shearer,their girls, as well as Micheal and Rachel Edwards and their 2 children went calling on Jr Church kids! Our attendance has been down so we decided to go "rattle the bushes!" We took a cooler of Popsicles to pass out as it has been really hot here! We hope to have a boost in our attendance tomorrow!!!
Tonight we enjoyed supper at home! This is unusual for us as we normally eat out on Saturday evenings. Jonathan grilled us some yummy steaks and we also enjoyed some fresh corn on the cob from Jonathan's parents garden! It was the best I have had all summer! Delicious... Thanks Mom and Dad Walden for stopping by this morning and bringing us some fresh corn! We really enjoyed it!
After supper, I wanted to try wiggling Parker's loose tooth. I could tell as soon as I wiggled it, that it would probably come out with a little assistance! Jonathan is completely grossed out at the idea of pulling someone's teeth and has told me that it will be my job! Thankfully, Parker lost his first tooth at my parents house! Tonight, after much coaxing, I gave the tooth a yank and out it came! It immediately started bleeding and Parker looked in the mirror and went "Arrrrrrrrrggghhh!" (He is terrified of the sight of blood!) He looked at me and said, "Mom, you are not allowed to pull any more of my teeth... you did a terrible job... you made it bleed!!!" He had to call Papaw and Grandma Sheila and tell them he lost his tooth and what a lousy job his Mommy had done! I hope the tooth fairy remembers to come tonight to our house!!! :)
On a more serious note...I want to mention a prayer request! Jonathan has a friend that I have mentioned on here before. She is from Czech Republic and he used to work with her a couple of years ago. They are still in contact and he received word one day last week that her husband had been in a terrible car accident. He was hit head on and remains unconscious. He has been this way for over a week now with no response whatsoever. They have a one month old son and would appreciate everyone's prayers. His name is Lukas. His wife is Dana (pronounced Donna) and as you can imagine, is completely devastated. So...if you think of it after reading this post, please say a prayer for Lukas, Dana and little David!

Thanks so much!



I was beginning to wonder where you had disappeared to...busy, busy, busy! Just think, it's almost time for school to start too.

Amy Shearer

Karen, Friday night was definitely a blast and we MUST do that again soon! (Let's not wait 10 years again!!!)

Karen Walden

Just wait Jenny...I bet your blog goes silent really soon too! :) You'll find that this little Missy will take up most of your time!! (And you'll love every minute of it!)


I bet it does too! Most definitely will enjoy it though!


Love the missing tooth photos. Those are always cute.

Sounds like your girl's night out was fun. I always enjoy those too. :)

Steve Hight

What's the latest on the hospital?


Awww, I'm jelous. I would LOVE to have a girls night out. Sounds like so much fun. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.