Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A glimpse of our photo session...



They are cuties!

What a day!!! We certainly made some memories... :)

Angie Davis

Those turned out AWESOME! Gonna have to try Penneys myself.


The pictures are great!!


These are WAY too cute!! What a bunch of monkeys! I need to see them SOON!!!!
I miss you all!!!!


These are really good!


Very cute! I just love their little expressions.


Well, at least you were able to get some good pictures out of your day!
Is Peyton pulling Paige's hair in the one? I love the one of him by himself! He's a QT, but o-so-ornery!!! :) :) :) Ready to go back at Christmas time?

Jody J

They look like angels!! How adorable!

Karen Walden

Believe me Jody... they're NOT!! :)


Very good pictures. I like the three of them together and the twins looking at each other. They are real good kids if you can keep them separated, just like our kids used to be. Yesterday Peyton told Papa Don that Paige was his friend, then smiled at her and gave her a hug!
Grandma Fayerene

Lady J

How absolutely adorable! Are you ever going to have trouble with them when they get to dating age!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

I love the ones of the twins. But they are all good.