Thursday, August 14, 2008

Parker's first day of Kindergarten!

Parker had his favorite breakfast today before his first day of Kindergarten...
Fried eggs with cheese!

All "cheesy" for his first day of school...

A new chapter of life...
This is where I left my little 5 year old boy at 8am today! :(

Parker is attending Parkside Elementary School this year for Kindergarten. It is one of our local, public school branches. His cousin, Kerrigan will attend there also but they will probably never cross paths as there are SO many kids there!
We had planned all along to send him to our Christian Day School, Bethel Holiness, but there are no other Kindergarten kids enrolled in the class and they are still looking for a teacher! So, we had to use our back up plan and enroll him in Parkside.
He is so excited about attending Parkside because he will get to ride the bus home!!! We only live about a mile from the school but he wanted to ride the bus instead of me picking him up every day! Mom took him to his open house last night as I was working and Jonathan was out of town. I'll let her post that experience on her blog!!! :) (Culture shock...)
I didn't cry as I dropped him off, he was happy to go, and I am looking forward to some quiet mornings with the twins at home. (I was hoping to enroll him in full-day classes but the slots were all taken.) So, the bus will arrive on our street around 11am, dropping off our little man! I can't wait to hear his thoughts about his first day of school...


Tricia Grissom

Good luck Parker!!!! Karen, maybe you can have a moment of peace this morning (if the twins will allow) :o)


I'm sure he will have many stories to tell you! Or, maybe his teacher will...HA HA! He looks so excited!


Gulp! I didn't think that would bring tears to my eyes...but it did! Our little guy is growing up too quickly!

I wish I would have had a camera with me last night! :!

Another memory to scrapbook!

Amy Shearer

Glad you both made it through the day (no tears even!) He'll have many exciting days ahead!!

Greg & Anna's Cubs

He looks so cute. He looks like a little man.


Brings back memories of when I left Jennifer off at the door at Parkside, except I cried all the way home. She was scared to death unlike Parker. I enjoyed the twins while your Mom took Parker to school Wednesday night. Yoou have such sweet kids. I love them to pieces.