Monday, August 11, 2008

A much needed project...

Thanks so much to Randy Dunn and his two boys for all of their hard work on Friday! We now have a yard that is presentable!!! Our neighbors were probably really hating us as our bushes were almost to the tops of the windows! Now to just keep it looking this good! Our next project is to get the weeds out of our yard! ugh....



It looks great, Karen. Keep it that way! :) You need a sprinkler system...

Angie Davis

Please point Brother Randy in the direction of Frankfort! I have a sad and despicable yard situation at this moment. (And I hate yard work almost as much as you...)


Not a fun project, but it makes you feel so much better when it's done! We're still killing weeds over here...

Peggy B.

I just pulled weeds tonight. Yuck. Your yard looks nice. Wish mine looked as good as yours.

Amy Shearer

Lovely! Doesn't it make you feel better just knowing your yard looks good? Our grass has finally come in and I'm thrilled about that! You all did a great job!!

Leanna Pitcher

Impressive! It looks awesome. I love working in the yard - mostly with the flower part of it. What a transformation. Also, I love your blog page layout. I hardly ever go to anyone's actual site because of google reader. I just so happened to go to yours tonight since I wanted to comment. Love it! Take care.


Looks great! I love it when the yard is all freshly manicured!


Good job on the yard work! I need to have Randy come work on my back yard! YIKES!
Can't wait to see it for myself!!!


Hey! I know those people, in fact, they're related! Please tell Randy that his family needs help as well :)